Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cologne Overdose

How much cologne is too much cologne? In most articles about job interview etiquette, you will read something about not wearing cologne at your interview. Shouldn’t that carry over to professional environments in general? I mean, if you shouldn’t wear cologne to a job interview, should you really wear it any other professional appointment?

I realize that people’s tastes vary. I can live with that. I can tolerate the scent of cologne that is not particularly appealing to me…as long as it does not suffocate me. Last week I received a visit from a person who always wears strong cologne. I could smell him coming. Generally when people visit my office, I close the door, but this time I chose not to because I thought it might help the fumes dissipate. I was wrong. It didn’t help. Even after my guest left, his essence lingered. My eyes watered. I had to open my window and work at the front desk while my office aired out.

Sometimes I wonder what inspires people to bathe in cologne. I don’t wear perfume very often, but when I do, I apply sparingly. I don’t want the perfume bottle manufacturers’ research and development efforts to have been in vain. I figure they have carefully calibrated the atomizer to dispense the perfect dose of perfume in a single squirt. There’s no need to second guess them. Leave the science of perfume application to the professionals!


Kelsie said...

I agree with your thoughts 100%. I wish some of the people that come into our office would be kind enough to use a spritz or 2... or a bar of soap. I'm not picky, I just don't care to smell them.

Carina said...

Did you see the most recent episode of The Office? Pam has a very creative solution for the offensive smells in the office. Of course, it's a little more serious for her. Still funny.