Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Favorite Pens

This week we decided to do a photo post about our favorite pens. Everyone has one! You know, the one that causes you to tense up a little when it is momentarily lost under a sheet of paper. What is your favorite pen? Send us a photo and description of why you love it at and we will post them next Wednesday!


This is my favorite pen! My credit union gave it to me for free! I use it for everything. I love that the ink flows so smoothly, and in such a skinny line. I wish I knew where to obtain more. Knowing that this pen will eventually run out of ink and I don’t know where to find a replacement stresses me out a little.


My favorite pens are the freebies that you can steal from the bank (or apparently in this case, a Comfort Inn). I love them because they waste ink so generously. I love pens that write in thick, dark lines. I always hide these pens in a desk drawer when I know I won't be at work for a day or two and there is a chance of someone using my desk. I don't think anyone would purposely steal my pens, but I don't want to take any chances!