Monday, September 28, 2009

Interactive Blog - Favorite Drawer

We all have a drawer at work that houses our handiest stuff. It is the one where we keep our most prized possessions. Even if you are a full time parents you have a drawer where you keep the first aid kit or the box of emergency bribe cookies. We want to see your favorite drawer! E-mail us a photo at We will publish your favorites on Friday!


I’m pretty ashamed to show my office junk drawer to the world, but here it is. There’s the standard tape, stapler, staple remover, letter opener, scissors, binder clips, business cards, etc. Those business cards are duplicates. I keep one copy of everyone’s business card in my Rolodex, but I have some duplicates that I keep on hand in case I need to refer a client to a colleague. I store those in this drawer. This also gives you a little glimpse into my Chapstick obsession. The white one is the one currently in use, but as you can see, I have two waiting in the wings for when the current one runs out. I also have an assortment of over the counter drugs and hand sanitizer. I’m counting on that hand sanitizer to get me through swine flu season unscathed. You might be wondering what the little lapel pin backs are there for. I stick the lapel pins to my bulletin board, but I keep the backs in this drawer…just in case. I don’t know why. The pins just seem incomplete without them.


I work with the general public, and the public is generally grimy. So I keep a stash of cleaning supplies. Specifically disinfecting supplies. My Kleenex are even the antimicrobial kind. I couldn't actually tell you what that means, but it sounds healthy. I was banned from Lysol quite a while ago. Apparently I was giving people headaches with my obsessive spraying. But with our current Swine Flu craziness, I have unbanned myself from it. I do try to keep it confined to my own cubicle. Everyone else can get sick!


Kelsie said...

I do not appreciate the fact that you are wishing illness upon me. I now wish E.W. on you.