Monday, September 21, 2009

OSU vs. Rice

This was a super exciting weekend! My husband's wonderful boss gave him tickets the the OSU/Rice football game. We took some of C's friends who graduated from OSU. They showed us around campus and we even got to eat Hideaway pizza.

My mom has a theory that sports brings out the worst in people. I think she's right. It amazed me how many people yelled out criticism from the audience. Especially considering the fact that OSU was comfortably winning throughout the entire game. The guy behind us was especially rude. At one point he yelled, "at OSU we have to take the ACT to get in." How does this apply to football, you ask? I'm not really sure. Apparently ACT scores affect your ability to play football. I'm sure there is research on this, but I'm not looking it up. Later we heard him say that the entire Rice football team is probably smarter than OSU's smartest guy. I wonder what this guy's ACT score was. Probably not very high. Later, after the Cowboys made a bad play he yelled, "this game couldn't get any worse!" Er, yes it could. OSU could be losing. But they weren't. They were winning by at least 10 points. Apparently OSU wasn't playing very well. I'm not sure what "good" football looks like, but I do know what a jerk sounds like. And given the choice between good football and nice people, I choose nice people.

I think this is why our parents never encouraged us to play sports. Now please don't assume that they filled our heads with anti-sports ideals and discouraged us from dreams of being the next WNBA star. They would have happily driven us to practices and games where the coach would yell belittling things to us and other parents would yell their own bits of criticism from the stands. But I'm pretty sure my mom knew I couldn't handle that type of confrontation. The coach could have patted me on the head, handed me a piece of candy, and told me to run faster next time and I would have thought I was in huge trouble. I have never understood the point of being yelled at for playing a game. Shouldn't sports be fun?

I was very proud of Rice. They are my new favorite team. They managed to score one field goal in the first half. Later they even got a few touchdowns. Their little group of six cheerleaders ran in a circle with their Rice flags in front of their meager fan section when they scored. Their owl mascot even did push ups! Push ups in an owl costume complete with a giant owl head and owl feet cannot be easy. He was my favorite part of the game. I want to be friends with the owl. That might be difficult considering I don't even know what state Rice is in. I suppose I should find that out if they are my new favorite team.


Kelsie said...

I wish you would have taken pictures of the owl doing his little owl pushups!

Carina said...

Ball games really do seem to bring out the jerk in some people. I always get so angry at the fans that it's not worth going. And I typically don't know what's going on in the game either. Our family had pretty much the same idea as yours about sports involvement.