Friday, September 25, 2009

Real Housewives

Hello, I am LB Fries, or you can call me by my street name of “Pound Fries.” It has a nice, urban feel to it. J

When Lisa asked me to be a guest blogger, I believe that she assumed I would want to write about subjects that are very deep, and have a social conscience feel to them. Nope, I want to write about TV! Namely, I want to write about my secret passion in TV…the Real Housewives Series on Bravo.

The current Real Housewives edition that is on Bravo is the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and by far, it is my favorite. Whenever I have had a bad day, week, heck even a bad minute, if I find one of these episodes on, I immediately feel better after just a small time spent watching. Why? Well, let me explain.

First, I believe the Atlanta edition of this series personifies the old saying of, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Really, I believe these women, who were introduced in Season One as friends, are actually as one of the ladies put it, “associates”, who can turn on each other at any time.

You must see this for yourself to understand. One episode centered on the ladies having a “pole dancing” party in the basement of mansion. This was actually a “how to” party, so that the ladies could learn, or in some cases, brush up on their skills. Believe me; it was pretty evident who had seen time on the pole before. Everyone tried to be supportive of each other, but when one lady actually flipped on the pole, and landed at the bottom in the splits, you had the feeling that professionals were in the house. Lo and behold, it was discovered that a couple of the ladies had been strippers in a past life...perfect!

Another episode centered on one of the ladies, Kim, trying to launch a singing career. Although this is in Season One, you have to take time to find the video of her voice lesson with one of Atlanta’s leading voice teachers…priceless! When I say, she couldn’t carry a tune in a paper bag, I am not exaggerating. However, in Season Two, Kim records a single, with the help of one of the other ladies, Kandi, who was a hip-hop artist in the 90s. Kandi does her magic with a synthesizer, and hey, we have a song suitable for any dance club! In staying true to the theme of the series, Kim then turns against another housewife, who had volunteered to sing back up, to help calm Kim’s nerves. Kim explains this by saying, that now that the song sounds fabulous, it should be all her and no one else in the spotlight. This is followed by a sign of nothing but karma coming back to bite Kim, she falls off of her 4 plus inch heels, and hurts her ankle. Yes, paybacks are not good!

The current episode includes the ladies displaying photos in which the depict “alter egos” of themselves. Well, let’s guess some of the alter egos, shall we? I know this is a stretch, but a few of the alter egos were strippers, mistress, and surprisingly, a drunk driver. The drunk driver, to me, is the signs of a social conscience peeking through, but in the tradition of the Real Housewives series…not much is made about this statement.

For fun, or if you need something to take your mind off the events of the day, tune into the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Believe me, you will actually hug your family afterwards and thank them for being so normal. J

Pound Fries