Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trespassing Opossum

The title of our blog is suitably accurate for my first blog post. For some reason, an uncharacteristically high percentage of our adventures involve rodents. I'll tell you the story of my sister's mouse sometime (because I know she certainly won't!) but for now, you're going to hear about my opossum.

Several days ago, I returned home late in the evening to find that my garage door was about 1/4 open. That's not an unusual occurrence because my garage door opener is roughly 30 years old and performs about the way you would expect an appliance of that age to operate. I saw that there was a cat lurking nearby, but I just hoped it had not been there long enough to make itself at home.

I thought nothing more of the incident until a couple days later when I noticed some...evidence...on my garage floor. I blamed the long absent cat and swept the floor. Then, the next day, I came home late again and thought I noticed some scurrying in the back corner of my garage. I thought it might just be shadows, but I had to check just out of curiosity.

Sure enough...there was something furry back there! I have a metal rack with several shelves and there is a box of oak flooring planks on the bottom shelf. I looked back there and saw something furry disappear into the box and thought, "a kitten! That cat had babies in here!" and almost reached for the cute, furry little kitty...until it occurred to me that a three day old kitten wouldn't be big enough to run around yet, especially if its mother had been gone for three days. I pulled back my hand and went to grab a flashlight.

The light of my flashlight revealed not an adorable kitty, but a significantly less adorable opossum. Still cuter than a badger, but not something I would like to host as a permanent resident in my garage. I had to figure out how to get rid of the rodent without touching it, so I gently pushed the box off the shelf and onto the floor where there was plenty of room to work. Then, I used a yardstick to carefully push open each flap of the box. When I finally had the box completely open, the opossum stared at me for a moment, and then bolted. I tried to snap a picture of the little critter before it disappeared, but I missed. I did get a picture of it before I moved the box, though.

I suspect the opossum survived during its stay on cat food, but I doubt the box of floor planks made a very comfortable bed. I'm sure it was ready to move on to greener pastures by the time I caught on to it's unauthorized residence in my garage.


Kelsie said...

Julie and I took a vote and we both agree you need to post the picture of your new pet!

Carina said...

I would disagree about possums being slightly cuter than badgers. Possums are just...icky. Like a man who hasn't bathed or shaved in a few weeks and fell asleep in his own beer.