Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dog Blog

When I went to Julie's house Sunday evening for the hot dog roast, her dog Lucy was already loaded up in the back of the pickup and ready to go. Julie and C have a great hot dog roasting spot in a secluded area of their farm near a pond. Lucy is trustworthy enough to go along and stay nearby, but Roscoe isn't quite as reliable.

Roscoe is a beagle and can't help but follow his nose. He is a true hound dog; always tracking something. You rarely see him without his nose on the ground and tail in the air, zigzagging around snorting out the trail of some unfortunate creature.

I frequently take him with me when I visit Julie because he loves sniffing around the cowlots and barns and even the pastures surrounding their house. Sometimes he he is so wrapped up in his "work" that he can't hear anything else. He's never very obedient about coming when called, but he is even worse when he's trailing a critter.

Sunday night, I left him at Julie's house while we went to the campfire spot. I knew he was familiar enough with that area that he would find his way back there after an evening of chasing rabbits. When we returned, he was nearby. I could hear him yelping occasionally, which he does when he's chasing something good.

Julie and I took a flashlight out to the pasture by her house and found him chasing something small, probably a cat or a rabbit. We called and called but he wouldn't come. I decided to leave him there for the night and pick him up on Monday. I have left him overnight before. I usually just leave his cage on their deck and they find him snoozing there in the morning.

Sure enough, Monday morning C found him dozing there when he left for work that morning. Julie said he had already gone-a-sniffin' by the time she left for work, but he always comes back. When I arrived on Monday evening, Roscoe greeted me excitedly and was ready to go home. When he realized I was not there just to pick him up and take him directly home to his bed, he tried to follow me inside the house, but he had to stay outside.

When I was ready to leave, I went outside to find Roscoe curled up inside his cage. I got him loaded in the car and when we got home, he went inside the house and fell asleep on his rug right away. There was no running around and sniffing things or drinking the cat's water or playing with toys. He was beat. I petted him for a while and then took him outside and put him to bed. He ate and drank quite a bit and I thought he would go right to sleep, but a few minutes later I heard barking from the yard. I guess he got his second wind and was ready for another hunt.