Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Farm Cats

Last week was C. and my second anniversary. After our disastrous drive home from Mississippi, you can see why C's gift to me was four new tires. It may be extremely unromantic, but it's a great gift and I'm not going to complain about it!

A friend from Church needed to give away some kittens. A perfect gift for C! Since they were free, ya know. The mama cat had so many that she got frustrated and ran away. It was time for the rest of them to go! So on our anniversary, C. took me to have Mexican food (where I carefully ate just enough that I could bring home leftovers--then left the box on the table in the restaurant), then we went and picked up kittens! I was so very excited. They are the cuddliest kittens you ever held.

Lucy hates the kitties. She patiently waits outside their pen for one to escape, then she promptly chases it up a tree. I suppose it is good practice for when they are bigger and no longer need a pen. She thinks that she is much cuter than they are and does not understand why we think we needed to add kitties to her yard and put them in her Dogloo (which she has not used one single time, by the way).

The moral of this story is that I live on a farm. With a dog. And other critters that run through our yard in the night. Now the farm has three little kitties. And these three little kitties have survived a whole week! I am so proud of us for this accomplishment. I think this might be a record for us.


Carina said...

Farm cats are either tough and wily or coyote food. It's a harsh reality.

Glynn said...

I think you should post pictures! What are their names???