Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Break Weekend

Last week was fall break for those of us who work in educational institutions. Julie and I, along with our mom who is a teacher, had planned to visit our aunt DW during the break. Fortunately, our dad was able to get enough of his farm work done that he could leave for a few days, so he came along. We were visiting his sister, after all!

Our aunt lives in a suburb of Memphis, TN. We made it there by suppertime on Thursday and enjoyed a nice home cooked meal of ham and beans and lively conversations with the family. Our cousin SH lives in another nearby suburb and she had brought her husband and three adorable boys.

On Friday SH had an appointment in the morning, so we went to her house to look after the boys. We played with trains and listened to stories. When the parents returned, DW and SH took us to the cute little home decor store where they work. We shopped for a bit, then SH had to go to parent teacher conferences at her oldest son's school. After parent teacher conferences, we all went out for a barbecue lunch, which was mighty tasty. After lunch we drove into Memphis for a windshield tour of Graceland. Some people in the car blinked as we drove by, so we had to turn around and make another pass.

On Friday afternoon we returned to DW's house and when we got out of the car, we noticed that Julie's front driver side tire was severely worn. Daddy replaced it with the spare and we were relieved we had brought him along!

We attended a our cousin's son's little league football game on Saturday morning. We weren't expecting winter temperatures in Mississippi in October, but that's what we got. Everyone was bundled up in hats and coats and blankets, but the kids had a great time. This little league football team takes things very seriously. There's a draft at the beginning of the year and there are even cheerleaders!

After the football game, we drove to Tunica, MS to experience the wonders of riverboat gambling and gluttony. We gorged ourselves at the expansive buffet, and then wasted some money on the slot machines. Well, I wasted money on the slot machines. My parents won some! My mom, who had never gambled before, put $1 in a slot machine and pushed some buttons. Out came a little slip of paper that said she had won $30! Later, my dad put $1 in a similar machine and won $20. I, on the other hand, did not have such good luck. I'm not a fan of slot machines, but I like to play roulette. Unfortunately, I lost my entire $20 of budgeted gambling money.

There is an outlet mall near Tunica, where Mom spent her winnings on a new purse and I bought a pair of what Julie calls "clown shoes." I think they're pretty cool. They're Adidas sneakers with blue and hot pink trim. Clown shoes, or not, they're extremely comfortable, which is all that matters to me. That evening our cousin took us to another shopping mall, where none of us bought anything anywhere except Bath and Body Works.

We planned to head out at 8:00 Sunday morning, but hit the road 15 minutes ahead of schedule. I love traveling with my family. We're always on time! We tootled along just fine until we reached Oklahoma City and experienced an unfortunate blowout of Julie's front passenger tire. Thank goodness we had the rickety reject from the driver side! Again, thank goodness Daddy was along. He replaced the tire and hit the road again. Needless to say, Julie ordered new tires the next day!

Overall, we had a great trip! We were thankful we made it there and back safely, and had a great time while we were there. We don't get to see these relatives very often, and it is always nice to see them. We're excited about their plans to come see us this summer. We hope they check their tires before leaving home!


Carina said...

Glad your dad was there! It's always good to pack a man along when you're going on a trip.

Julie K. said...

You forgot to mention that our talented little quarterback cousin got to keep the game ball!