Thursday, October 1, 2009

Missing Chrysanthemums

Fall is here! Along with the enormous displays of chrysanthemums outside every grocery store. I love them. They are so pretty. They are also very easy to take care of, you can’t kill them. That is a quality I need in a flower. If it is fragile, it will die under my care. I had restrained myself from getting a pot of my very own. Not only from self-control, but I don’t really want to haul a pot of chrysanthemums through the grocery store, and I’m not really sure how the check-out people feel about me asking if they can look up the code so I can get a pot on the way out.

On Sunday, C. and I finally took a trip to the fancy, new Walmart. We saw aisles full of wonderful things. But the best thing? They had an entire garden center filled with various sized pots of chrysanthemums! I don’t feel so strange about toting a pot of chrysanthemums around Walmart! I chose a lovely pot of yellow chrysanthemums (with lots of unbloomed buds, just like Mom taught me). I proudly hauled my chrysanthemums through Walmart, then put them out to beautify my back porch.

Every morning when I would leave the house the chrysanthemums would be toppled on their side from the wind. Same thing every day when I came home from work. Poor things. They are a bit top heavy, and I had neglected to put them in a fancy, sturdy pot. But they were still pretty, even sideways. Yesterday, I drove up to the house and didn’t see my chrysanthemums!

As I walked up to the house, I still didn’t see them. My chrysanthemums were missing! I walked across my yard, and looked behind a tree and in a hole, but my chrysanthemums were gone! They had blown away! Stupid Oklahoma wind! I could only hope my chrysanthemums would take root somewhere along the road and become wild where they would beautify the country. That’s not really true. I was just mad my chrysanthemums blew away.

I stomped into the house, angry because I had wasted $4.50 on a pot of chrysanthemums that had lasted three days, but wait! There they were! Safely on the kitchen table! C. had rescued them! He had brought them inside where they would be safe from the evil, destructive, chrysanthemum-ruining wind. He had even watered them and saved them from the destructive (but not evil), chrysanthemum-ruining plant-tending habits of me. I was so happy that I didn’t even complain that he had used a good plate to catch the drainage.


Lisa said...

FYI: You CAN kill chrysanthemums. I have done it.

Kelsie said...

You used the word chrysanthemums 14 times... Yes, I counted. And I, as well as Lisa, Have managed to kill some too. If I buy some this year I'll have to looked for one with unbloomed bulbs, hopefully that will help!

Carina said...

We bought some chrysanthemums at the snazzy new Walmart too! I planted them right by my front step because I have killed every plant I have ever tried to grow in a pot except one, and it's early days yet for that one.