Thursday, November 5, 2009

Business and Pleasure

Last Friday I took two of my students to a training workshop in Oklahoma City. This was good, basic business training as an introduction for participating in a business planning contest. I went because I needed the continuing education hours and the students went for a legitimate excuse to skip class and for the free lunch. Smart kids. They’ll surely succeed in business and life.

This workshop was a brain trust of the best and brightest business and technology students from universities across the state. Common sense was absent, but there was plenty of book smarts to fill its void. We learned some good business theory, but exchanged questioning looks when the speakers presented things that we know don’t work in practice. I won a pen for knowing the answer to a question. Apparently my question was easier than some because some answers earned travel mugs, which I would have rather had.

Last weekend I went back to Oklahoma City on Saturday to see an art exhibit at Science Museum Oklahoma, which turned out to be incredibly lame. The first clue should have been that the girl at the ticket counter wasn’t even sure where the art exhibit was. Some of the museum staff were dressed in Halloween costumes. The most disturbing one was a girl dressed up as a giant bottle of mustard. She said that her hot dog had gone to lunch. The best part of the day was lunch at a cool burger joint, which made the trip worth it. No giant mustard or hot dogs to be found there.

I had a good turnout for trick-or-treating Saturday evening. Julie lives on a farm and never has any trick-or-treaters so she always comes to my house to admire the cute kiddos and pass out treats. When I was growing up, my family lived in town on Main Street, so we always had lots of trick-or-treaters. Now that my parents have moved to the farm, my mom misses the kids coming by. My cousins usually bring their kids and this year my neighbor kids, a knight and a princess, came to trick-or-treat at my house and then went to my parents’ place. I think they were more interested in giving the dog treats and petting the cat than in their candy loot, but my mom enjoyed seeing them.

I am having company for dinner this Friday, which is very exciting for me. I love cooking for guests! I have had busy days at work this week, and then I have been teaching a class in the evenings and haven’t been home so I’m afraid my house won’t be up to its usual standards of spotlessness, but I’m sure no one will mind. I just have to make sure to clean my toilet because my neighbor’s daughter once thanked me for cleaning my potty. Apparently, her mother had told her that it is ok to touch my toilet, unlike the ones in public restrooms, because mine is clean. Now, every time this child visits, I feel a compulsion to make sure the toilet is, in fact, clean. You know, just in case she wants to touch it.


Carina said...

...and it does really mean so much that we know it's clean. Really.

I'm so sorry we all had to reschedule. I hate changing plans, and I know you're not too crazy about it either, but Strep is Strep. (growl, growl)