Monday, November 9, 2009

Cleanser Haze

I thoroughly cleaned my toilets on Sunday. Yes. I know that’s very exciting and noteworthy. That’s why I’m blogging about it.

My town has hard water, and while I clean my toilets frequently, a ring of minerals still accumulates at the water line. Ugh. I decided that it was time to attack the evil mineral deposits once and for all, so I turned off the water supply line to the back bathroom toilet and flushed. Then, I sprinkled Comet in the toilet bowl and let it set while I was at church.

When I got home, I scrubbed and scrubbed and still couldn’t get the ring to completely disappear. I decided I was going to have to step up my game, so I broke out the CLR. I rinsed away the Comet, so as not create a dangerous chemical haze by mixing a Caustic Soda Cleanser and an Aqueous Acidic Cleaner. Then, I dried the toilet bowl so the CLR would stick and sprayed on my CLR solution. I let it set, and re-applied periodically.

While my CLR was supposedly working its magic, I tried the Comet trick on my front bathroom, with about the same level of success I had even when I let the Comet set for hours, and then followed up with CLR. I waited and waited so the CLR would have plenty of time to work. Then, when I couldn’t wait anymore, I scrubbed and scrubbed.

If I had paid better attention in high school chemistry, because I certainly didn’t take college chemistry, I would have known that acids break down minerals and bases break down organic materials. (Or something like that...I wasn't paying very close attention to the free remedial chemistry lesson I later received courtesy of Professor Smarty Pants himself). Apparently, the only good my Comet did was act as an abrasive. And I don’t think CLR is an acidic enough match for my hard water. I'm going to have to try something stronger than elbow grease and mild acids. Like hiring a maid.


Carina said...

The only thing we've found that really does the trick is a pumice stone. You can have professor Smarty Pants do it if necessary. Or just because it would be funny.

bkw1953 said...

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR works to remove the hard water stains from faucets. You might try it on the toilet bowl. Cup of baking soda, cup of apple cider vinegar, cup of boiling water poured down the drain (in that order) will clean out clogs. (Apple cider vinegar is approx. $3 a gallon)
Apple cider vinegar cures lots of rashes and other things too. Soak a wash rag or other cloth in apple cider vinegar, apply to rash, cover with plastic wrap. It is way cheaper than a visit to the doctor.

Lilibeth said...

We use "Vanisol" It's one of those you don't dare get on your clothes because it will eat a hole through them and vanish you.

anewphelps said...

So I can verify that Mr. Smarty Pants has quite a few years of cleaning toilets with evil mineral deposits in his previous job experience. I bet he also knows special secret cleaners that take the minerals off easier than a pumice stone.