Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fruit Salad Fail

This Sunday, we had a Thanksgiving Dinner/Baby Shower at our Church. For the dinner, we were supposed to bring a soup or salad for the potluck. I live 30 minutes away, and logistics are a problem with traveling that far with soup. Not only would I have soup sloshed all over the back seat of my car, but it would get cold by the time I got it to the Church. I decided to bring fruit salad.

I found a yummy-sounding recipe online and decided to make it. Fruit salad is easy; you just chop up a bunch of fruit and throw it in a bowl. There is really no need to practice on a fruit salad recipe, right? The recipe calls for halved grapes, peaches, mangos, and a can of apple pie filling. It sounds yummy, don’t ya think? Fruit covered in cinnamony goodness. So I cut my grapes in half, chopped up my peaches and mangos, and threw them in a bowl. It looked a bit squishy, but still appeared to be tasty. So I open up my can of apple pie filling and throw it in with the rest of it. This is when it started to look not-so-good. Then I mixed it up. Now my fruit salad looked completely unappetizing, more like mushed fruit salad covered in snot. Nobody is going to eat snot-covered fruit in a potluck. People only like pretty food. It didn’t take long for me to decide to dump the snot-covered fruit in the trash and make a quick trip to Walmart for pre-made fruit salad.

The pre-made fruit salad looked very yummy. I don’t know why I didn’t go that route in the first place! I’m not sure why I was worried about it anyway. Someone brought some wonderful chicken noodle soup that was way better than fruit salad of any kind. My poor little fruit salad wouldn’t have stood a chance if I had carved a watermelon basket, filled it with gourmet fruit, and had pyrotechnics for effect. The chicken noodle soup still would have won.


Kelsie said...

I have always felt as those pyrotechnics and fruit salad in a watermelon bowl is an unbeatable combo!

Lisa said...

Did Teresa bring the chicken noodle soup? Hers is mighty tasty! Karola said your fruit salad was good, and that you gave her a whole container of it, so maybe you came in a close second.