Monday, November 16, 2009

The Middle of Yesterday

We had excitement this weekend! Lisa and I are season ticket-holders at the local theater. We are fairly new to this, but so far we have loved the plays. We went to see Clue, the Musical last season and we were hooked. It was fun to pick out the people we recognized; we weren’t aware we knew people with such talent!

This month's play was The Middle of Yesterday. Honestly, I wasn't too excited going into it. I thought it might be a little dull, but we had season tickets that we didn't want to waste! My opinion was quickly changed! The main character was Kilby, who is a World War II veteran with Alzheimer’s who lives in a nursing home. He interacts with some characters who are in his memory, and others who are in the present day.

It was an excellent story that had both sad scenes and humorous ones. Watching him struggle with wanting to go back to his past while the rest of the world was in the present was sad at times, but they definitely knew when and how to include humor. I especially enjoyed the part where Kilby devoured his beloved Egg McMuffin. I hope the actor who played Kilby likes Egg McMuffins! If not, he did a great job hiding it!

The actors were great. I didn’t know our little Podunk town had such talent! Kilby was supposed to be a much older man, but he was played by someone in his 50’s. His shuffled walk and shaky mannerisms were perfect. Kilby’s son, Steven, was also played by someone who is much younger in real life than his character. I’m sure it was scary to see what the next 20 years have in store for him! It is amazing what hair and makeup can do! The nurse was one of my favorites. If she isn’t a nurse in real life, then she missed her calling. She looked and acted the part very well. If I ever have to be in the hospital, I want her to be my nurse! She was so sweet and patient. She must be similar to her character in real life, because she never strayed for those qualities!

The Middle of Yesterday still has one weekend left for anyone who is interested in going! I definitely recommend this play to anyone who is looking for something different to do this weekend. Tickets aren’t much more expensive than going to a movie, and it is a break from the normal routine. Let me know if you would like more information!