Friday, November 6, 2009

Sawyer Brown

I was being a wonderful, helpful sister (I might give myself too much credit for this) by substituting for Lisa with Wednesday Night Kids' Bible Quizzing. On the way there I heard that the local radio station was giving away tickets to a Sawyer Brown concert. I love Sawyer Brown! So I called in and won some free tickets! Woo!

C. was busy with work, so he couldn't go. So I texted my wonderful bestest friend at 10:00 Wednesday night to see if she was available for a country concert the next day. She is wonderful because she hates country music and she agreed to go with me anyway. N. is probably the coolest person I know and can have fun doing almost anything.

What made this concert awesome is that it was at an Indian casino in the middle of nowhere at 7:30 on a Thursday night. Not exactly a prime location or time, but like I said, I love Sawyer Brown, and who can turn down free entertainment?! So on our adventure N. and I got lost took an unplanned tour in a crusty part of town to get to the casino. I blame MapQuest. Once we finally arrived, seeing as neither of us are experience in casino layouts, we couldn't figure out where this concert was being held, so we had to stand in line at a customer service-type desk to figure out how to get to the concert. That's right, the big white tent in the parking lot didn't give it away. The girl at the desk was nice enough not to make fun of us.

But, in spite of getting lost (twice), Sawyer Brown was a really fun show. There were lots of people that got a bit loopy. The dancing was interesting--especially the dancing by the lead singer on stage. His moves aren't the smoothest I have ever seen, but it makes the show entertaining. I had a really good time, and hopefully N. did too, even if country music isn't her thing. I was a bit sad that they didn't play Perfect World. My favorite line in that song is "We went to the sonic and we rode around town with the radio up and the windows down," which is exactly how C. and I spent our weekends in high school. But they did play most of their other popular stuff.

Now I just need to find a way to get free Brad Paisley tickets in January!


Carina said...

What a faithful friend! Glad you guys had fun. Sometime last minute adventures are the best.