Saturday, November 28, 2009


Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is practically around the corner! I have really enjoyed my Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is just like Christmas, but without all of the stress and pressure and greed and materialism and stuff that Christmas shouldn’t be. I already have my Christmas decorations up, and in the past few days I have eaten some delicious meals, done some shopping, and gotten plenty of rest.

I was off work on Wednesday and made a trip to OKC to run errands and do some shopping. I was in search of the perfect jeans, which I did not find. On Thursday I enjoyed some great meals with family and friends. I tried not to overeat, but it’s pretty much impossible on Thanksgiving. Yesterday I did some shopping with my mom and got to visit some family members who are visiting from out of state.

I did all of my Christmas decorating last weekend because I am hosting a party at my house next week and I didn’t want to have to decorate over the busy Thanksgiving break. I put up my Christmas tree, hung up the evergreen wreaths, and got out all of the Christmas knick-knacks. I generally have a fierce aversion to knick-knackery but I make a tiny little exception at Christmastime. I haven’t put up any outdoor lights—I’m not sure if I’m up for that this year. I may just hang some lights in my windows instead.

My trip to OKC on Wednesday was pretty nice. Stores were already starting to get crowded, but it wasn’t unbearable. I got my traditional Hallmark Christmas tree ornament, bought a lovely Christmas gift for my mom, found a great sale at my favorite store, and got to visit with some friends who live in the area.

My family got together at my granny’s house on Thanksgiving Day. My mom’s brother and his family from Colorado made it down, so it was very nice to see them. My mom has three sisters and one brother, so it is always quite crowded at my granny’s house on holidays. We had a delicious meal—Granny always tries to cook everything that everyone likes, so there is more than enough food for the entire town. My favorite is her fried okra. I know that’s not a traditional Thanksgiving dish, but I like it any time. She breads it with cornmeal and then fries until it is black in her cast iron skillet. Yum!

Yesterday I slept in and then my mom and I did a little shopping, but we didn’t try to hit any of the Black Friday sales. I did find some jeans, but that’s pretty much it. We got to have lunch with my aunt, Granny, and family from Colorado. Then, later in the evening, that same crowd gathered at my aunt’s house for supper. Those impromptu get-togethers are always a lot of fun. Listening to my dad and uncle talk about old times (they used to work together), watching all of the little kids play, and catching up with my cousins who live so far away is nice.

I’m not planning much for the rest of my break, but I know things will come up. Those are my favorite things. I do know this will be the last opportunity to relax before the hustle and bustle of Christmas begins. I have lots of parties and events planned. I’m looking forward to the office Christmas luncheon, the church cookie exchange, and a few December birthdays, including mine.