Monday, November 30, 2009


We had beautiful weather this weekend, so on Saturday I did some sprucing up of my yard. I trimmed dead foliage from my good plants...and just threw away some really dead plants. I swept the porch and tidied up the garage.

While I was working outside, a nice man from the electric company came upon my porch and handed me a flyer with lots of handy information about herbicide and tree growth regulation and pruning. He casually mentioned that my backyard trees were getting a little tall and that his company would be coming by to treat the one closest to the power lines with this magical tree growth regulator that would delay its growth, which will prevent it from causing damage to the power lines and will prevent me from having to get it trimmed as frequently. This also supposedly results in healthier, greener trees. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Now. I have two matching trees in my backyard. You know how I feel about things matching! I thought to myself, "hmm...if they treat one tree, but not the other, one will grow and the other won't. (duh) Then they won't match anymore!" Oh dear. This just won't work. They have to match!

So. I called the company this morning. I was nice. I'm sure people generally aren't nice when they call the electric company about their trees because they think the herbicide or tree growth regulator or pruning is going to damage their trees and they have to stand up for the poor trees. You know, because the electric company is out to get them. The electric company is just a bunch of tree-haters and they are conspiring against homeowners everywhere to eliminate all trees from our landscape. Whatever. Anyway, I called the company; I was nice. I told Tamara that the nice man had said he was going to regulate the growth of one tree and I wondered if he could do both. You know, so my trees will always match. Tamara said that she would tell him to treat both trees.

Now, how long do you think it will take for me to discern whether or not he treated both trees? How many years does it take for there to be a noticeable difference in the growth of a tree? Will I ever know?


Carina said...

My theory is that he's making it all up and chuckling right now.