Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well…it’s winter. Not officially. But, it's cold. And in my book, that's winter. I successfully avoided using my heater and air conditioner for the entire month of September. And I only used my heater a couple of times in October. But it looks like winter has come.

I had lunch with my friend who is a general manager for an electric cooperative and I asked him how business was doing. With the economic downturn, many customers are not paying their bills, but in addition to that, last year’s mild winter and this year’s mild summer have really affected their revenues. No offense to the electric company…but I’m hoping for another mild winter!

With this cold weather, comes the threat of flu season. I know we’re already in the midst of a flu epidemic, but so far I have been able to steer clear of the pesky flu bug. I have a pretty healthy immune system, rarely get sick, and always take my vitamins. I can’t stay away from people because I work with the public, but I’ve been washing my hands a lot and trying to remember to frequently disinfect my office doorknob, light switch, phone, keyboard, and mouse. I don't have time to get sick, so I'm going to continue this regimen of OCD behaviors and see how that works out for me.


Carina said...

You have, however, frequently eaten lunch with disease carrying grade-schoolers, so you're not over the top yet, anyway. =)