Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Tour of Homes

I am participating in The Nester's Christmas Tour of Homes this year. She is a talented decorator who inspires me to nail holes in my walls, paint stuff (not white), and hot glue stuff to other stuff. That is so not in my nature, so it is a big deal for me to step out on a limb and just do it!

Standing inside my house and looking at my Christmas decorations, I think everything looks pretty nice. However, looking at the mediocre photos I took, I realize my Christmas decor looks a bit lame. But...that's what this blog is all about, so bring on the lame adventures!

The first photo is a picture of the outside of my house. Several of my neighbors have Christmas lights on their houses and the neighborhood looks really nice. I'm sure my across-the-street neighbors would be a little skeptical of me lurking in their yard while I photographed my house at night, but it is impossible to get a photo of my entire house without practically standing on their front porch. Then, I would end up with their mailbox in the foreground of my photo. I know this because I have done it...but not at night. I decided to forgo the whole house photo and not trespass. You get the idea. The rest of the house looks exactly like this, only...more.

Next is the cute little table in my kitchen nook. This nook really isn't large enough for anything useful, so I keep this table there "just for pretty," as Julie would say. This table was a wedding gift to my grandparents many years ago. My grandma used to have a large lamp on it in one of her bedrooms. It's not very sturdy, so I would never use it for anything very heavy. I put the green placemat here just for Christmas, but it complements my curtains, so I could leave it here all the time. I don't remember where the Thomas Kinkade book came from, but I won the red candle and bowl as a door prize at a luncheon a year or two ago. I keep the candle there all year, and since it's red it goes perfectly with my Christmas decor. I added the red and green frilly stuff as an afterthought. I think I found it in my Christmas wrapping supplies. Please ignore the fake green plant. I know the Nester would not approve.

Here you see my dining room. My living room is not large enough to accommodate my Christmas tree, so I always put it in the dining room. This works well because there are two windows in that corner, so when I open the blinds, you can see the lights from outside. It looks very festive! I have white candles in crystal candlesticks on the dining room table year round, but I added more candles for Christmas. More candles = fancy.

This is a close up of my sewing machine table, which is right next to the front door. My little teddy bears lean on my graduation photo year round, along with the dried eucalyptus from one of my grandma's funeral flower arrangements in the glass vase. Normally I cover this table with a tablecloth, but for the Christmas season, I replaced that with another green placemat. The photo on the left is of Julie and me with Santa Claus. My mom gave each of us framed copies of that photo for Christmas one year. There's another just-for-Christmas candle here, too. The bell ornament on the doorknob was also a gift from my mom.

For more, less lame, home tours visit The Nester! Merry Christmas!


Sallie said...

I think the idea of a tree in the dining room is excellent. I debated putting ours in the space between the living and dining room this year! Have a very merry Holy season!!