Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It is freezing! According to my outside thermometer it is 11° F.

I am lying on the couch, wearing my flannel pajamas and wrapped in a fluffy blanket. Roscoe is curled up on the floor to my left and Maynard is sleeping on the back of the couch to my right.

Last night I let Roscoe sleep in the garage because it was so cold. He always gets excited when we go out to the garage because he thinks that means he is going to go somewhere in the car. I’m sure he was disappointed last night when I didn’t put him in the car.

This morning I did not want to put him back outside in the cold. Mainly because I didn’t want to have to go out in the cold myself!

When I went out to the garage to get Roscoe this morning, he was sound asleep in his cage (I keep it in the garage and there is a little rug and a toy in there, so he likes to go in there) and he came reluctantly when I called him inside.

He wasn’t very excited about going back outside. I had to give him fresh water because his was frozen, and it was frozen again this evening when I went out to bring him inside for the night.
I hope this frigid weather doesn’t last or Roscoe is going to get spoiled and I'm going to get frostbite!