Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Deck the Halls

I got in the Christmas spirit this weekend! I decided that it might be the last nice weekend to put up Christmas lights. And judging by the weather the past few days, it looks like I was right. C. was off working, so I crawled out the second floor window armed with lights and shingle clips and decked the house with lights. I think it turned out well.

I hope it turned out well. This year I’m going to win the radio station’s Christmas decoration contest. Last year I just knew I was going to win until a last minute entry who will remain unnamed took it all away from me. I risked my life by crawling around on our roof, while he just put some painted plywood decorations in his yard. There were hardly even any lights.

I think my light display might need something else. Maybe some evergreen garland around the porch poles with some big, red Christmas tree balls hanging from it. Possibly some gigantic gift bows or a festive wreath. Maybe I should paint some plywood. It needs more depth. But I’m cheap and not that crafty. Any suggestions?


Lilibeth said...

That little area over the front door would be just perfect for a real manger scene. You even have a peak for a star.

Carina said...

Yeah, but all those animals tromping around on the roof, not to mention the people and baby, probably aren't covered by your homeowner's insurance.