Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Four Christmases

I had a great Christmas this year! We were able to make it to all four of the Christmases, and still have one coming this weekend. I was starting to get a bit skeptical with the crazy blizzard, but we rearranged and managed to get everywhere we wanted to go.

We started our festivities at C.’s parents’ house on Christmas Eve. They only live about a mile away from us, so it was easy to make it there. We loaded up our little bundle of gifts into the pickup and carefully made our way to their house. The most dangerous part was making it up the steps to their house. But we made it! And we had a fun time. My mother-in-law got me Fiesta dishes. She got me two place settings and some adorable little fruit dishes. I’m not exactly sure what I will use them for, but they are cute and I’ll figure something out!

On Christmas Day we went to my Granny’s house. We loaded up our second little bundle of gifts into the pickup again, and drove along even more carefully. There is never a shortage of people there. We only had half of our group that day, but we had a good time anyway! Granny made an excellent lunch; there is never a shortage of food there, either! She has the best okra ever. Period.

We went to Mom and Daddy’s house on Saturday. One of our traditions there is to dress in our pajamas and wear festive socks. This is a good thing, because after Christmas dinner at Granny’s house, our regular pants are getting a little tight, and pajama pants are very forgiving. Mom knew I was very sad about not having a Christmas tree this year. We normally go on a Christmas tree hunt, and find one from a farm, but this year we got busy and never had time to find one. So she got me a tree! I put it up the day after Christmas, and it is still there. C. is probably going to make me take it down soon, but it’s so pretty I want to leave it there!

On Sunday we loaded up with C’s family and went to his aunt’s house for their Christmas get-together. The grandkids in this family always make gingerbread houses. We had so much fun seeing what kind of decorations we could come up with to make our houses beautiful. Ours had a marshmallow mailbox, complete with a Twizzler flag. I think his four-year-old cousin had the best time of any of us. His house was definitely the most festive.

We had a great time this year. It always makes me sad when Christmas is over. It is always stressful to figure out our schedule for Christmas, and it feels like we are driving all over the entire state, but it is worth it to see all of our family and friends. Now I’m looking forward to New Year’s this weekend. More friends, more food. What more could you ask for!?


Lilibeth said...

We are truly blessed in this small corner of the is precious...and Christmas seems dreamy at times. I enjoyed reading about all your traditions and family times. What a wonderful chapter of history we inhabit. I only hope it all lasts for my grandchildren to grow up in.

Carina said...

Love the peep trees in your gingerbread house!

Oh, and the socks. I'm all about festive socks. I guess that makes me silly in Lisa's book. Oh well. =)

Anonymous said...

I just love the photos you insert into your wonderful stories. Your new tree is beautiful!