Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was wonderful!

My granny’s birthday is actually on December 11, so some of our extended family got together at her house to celebrate on Saturday. Julie had baked a cake and some cupcakes…but the cupcakes didn’t make it. It was so windy when we picked her up at her house that three of the cupcakes blew away before she made it to the car! Here is a photo of Granny and me with our birthday cake:

Yesterday I went to the Christmas program at church, and then had lunch with my parents. Then I spent the afternoon making Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls for a work meeting tomorrow. While I was baking the cinnamon rolls, I received an email from Jacky from The Sweetest Petunia telling me that I had won the exciting giveaway on her blog. I finished my cinnamon rolls just in time for my birthday dinner at my parents’ house.

I have been experimenting with wheat flour in my baking and it makes a very dense bread. I haven’t quite figured out how to completely substitute wheat flour for white flour. My cinnamon rolls were very tasty this time, so I think I’ve found a good ratio. I brought a batch to work this morning and most of them were gone by 9:30.

I am very excited about Jacky’s giveaway! I have never won an online giveaway, and since it was on my birthday it was even more special. My prize was a $30 store credit from Gussy’s Esty shop. Gussy makes adorable ruffled bags and I have been wishing for something from her shop for quite a while. I chose to spend my $30 credit, plus the $25 birthday money from my granny, on a Gus For Work.

I can’t wait until it arrives! I bought a new purse in July, and since it was so pricy, I promised myself I would not buy another purse for a whole year. However, this is not a purse, it is a bag. Plus, I only bought half of it. This is going to be just perfect for toting around all of those items that are just a little too big to fit in my purse.

My mom made a delicious dinner last night. She always cooks a special meal for our birthdays and last night she made hamburger steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. That is one of my favorite meals. She worked extra hard on a French vanilla birthday cake, too. She didn’t have quite enough candles, so I guess I will be 24 this year since that’s how many candles come in a package!

Mom also gave me a very cozy pair of slippers that I had been wishing for. They are just perfect for wearing around the house on my cold tile floor or going outside at night to feed the dog. I already threw away my cruddy old giraffe slippers.

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special! It really was a wonderful day.


Jacky said...

Happy birthday! Jealous, jealous, jealous of your Gus for Work...but congrats on winning! Mmm, and now I'm really wanting some cinnamon rolls... ;)

Carina said...

Happy belated birthday!

Why can I never remember how close our birthday's are in time?