Friday, December 11, 2009

Work With What Ya Got

Kelsie and I got in the Christmas spirit and did some decorating around the office today. Decorating the office can be dangerous sometimes because so many people have so many different opinions of what "pretty" consists of. I am of the opinion that just because the tacky bow is in the box does not mean you have to use the tacky bow. Notice there are no tacky bows in the photos. However all we had was a giant box of spizzerinctum, so we didn't have much to work with.

I started about a week ago with my desk. I love my little snowman box that I won in Dirty Santa last year. I really love the miniature mittens I found at K-mart this year. They are adorable. One pair is happily dangling from the corner of my computer monitor. It makes me feel festive.

Next Kelsie decided that he hallway needed to feel special. We never turn the lights on for some reason, and it needed some holiday cheer. So we lit it up. That's right, we zig-zagged the lights in the bathroom hallway. One of the ladies in my office said it looks like the entrance to a club. Maybe we should put disco balls in the bathrooms. That would be unexpected.

We also finally got the office Christmas tree put up. We first had to find a space to put it. Every corner of our office is already filled with cubicle walls, filing cabinets, tables, spare chairs, and any other piece of office equipment you can imagine, so finding a place for a Christmas tree was a challenge. We finally decided to leave the back branches off and shove it up against the other side of my cubicle (you can see my pretty decorations behind the wall). We had the pretty gold ornaments, and we decided to get candy canes, a bow, and the tree skirt at K-mart. The tree skirt is actually a pretty table cloth I found for half price, and I made the bow after looking at the pre-made ones and deciding it didn't look that hard. You should also take notice of the pretty silver and blue garland I made from things I found in the box of spizzerinctum.

Isn't my bow gorgeous?

We decided we could go into this Christmas decorating thing as a profession. We are going to call ourselves "Work With What Ya Got Christmas Decorating." I think we're going to make big bucks.


Glynn said...

Most of your "clients" should feel at home with the "club lighting" it seems! From the short time I've been in there, they would feel very comfortable.

Carina said...

Sounds about like my approach to decorating. I like it!

Jacky said...

Um yes, I'm looking for Lisa? You probably want to check out this post. You *might* have won something. {wink, wink} :)

Kelsie said...

I think we did a WONDERFUL job... I just wish everyone could see what all was in those boxes. They would be really impressed with us as well.