Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bake Sale!

I stayed very busy last week! Our youth group is redecorating! We are trying to make a fun space for them to hang out so they will want to come to church. It's good when teens want to come to church! We already got a fancy tv and a Wii, now we are working on getting some furniture and accessories to go with it! We decided that a bake sale would be a good way to raise money for our cause!

We had sooooo much stuff! The other youth group leader and I did a lot of baking!

There were New Year's Cookies! And homemade bread!

And pie!

I made tons of cupcakes. 120 to be exact. I also made 18 loaves of pumpkin bread, 27 Rice Krispie Treats, 24 Corn Flake treats, 24 brownies, 48 peanut clusters, and two gallons of puppy chow. And ya know what's amazing? That wasn't even close to everything. Church ladies are the best. You mention that you need donations, and they give you so much you don't have room for it all! Homemade bread is hard work! And did you see the pecan pie? We have the best church ladies!
And I have to give C. a lot of credit. After squirting icing on about two cupcakes, my hand hurt and I threw a hissy fit. He iced a lot of cupcakes. And I still wouldn't give him free pumpkin bread.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Please Advise

I don't really like receiving emails with the closing "please advise." I'll advise if I feel like it! You're not the boss of me! Well, unless you are the boss of me. But then, if you were my boss, wouldn't you be advising? My boss would never use that phrase anyway.

Isn't it pretty well understood that if you ask a question in your correspondence, you're requesting my advice? Wrapping it up with a curt command makes it sound like you're trying to maintain the upper hand. It sounds awfully presumptuous of you to demand my advice when you're the one who needs me to help you. It's quite likely that I'll take my sweet time responding to your request if you're not sweet when you ask.

Here's my advice: be nice when you ask for my advice!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Have I ever introduced you to our dog, Yogi? He's a very special little doggy.

Blondie's mother has two miniature Australian Shepherds and has raised several litters of puppies. Blondie decided to buy a puppy from the last litter and had selected a cute little female and named her Penny. However, things didn't work out for Penny. She was a very headstrong little puppy and Blondie wanted a sweet, playful puppy. Penny was a dog's dog; Yogi loves people. He decided to take Yogi instead, and it has worked out really well.

We named his puppy Yogi because he was so fat and fluffy when he was little that he looked like a little bear. Of course, he has grown out of that roly poly puppy stage, but the name stuck. He is an incredibly sweet dog. He is pretty shy around strangers, but he gets extremely excited about seeing people he knows. Since he moved here, we have been working on the "no jumping!" command because he gets so excited when he sees people that he wants to jump up and greet them.

He loves playing and will drag out every toy in the house. His toys are in a little basket by the sofa and the moment he comes in the house, he heads straight for the toy basket and grabs his mouse. The mouse is really a cat toy. It has a string you pull that makes it vibrate. Yogi has figured out how to pull the string himself and can entertain himself all evening with the mouse.

Sunday evening he must have gotten really excited about the mouse, because I found it attached to his collar. Sometimes he will pull the string out all the way and swing the mouse around to "kill" it. Apparently, it swung just right to get caught on the clip that keeps his tag on his collar because I found him wearing a mouse necklace!

Christmas Tour of Homes

I did all of my Christmas decorating the first weekend of December because I had a Christmas cookie exchange here the following week and I wanted the house to look festive for the party. Blondie and I merged our two Christmas ornament collections and we decked the halls...well, at least the dining room, with our hodgepodge of Christmas finery.

I put the Christmas tree in that corner because there isn't a good place to put it in the living room, and in that corner there are two windows that show it off really well at night.

This pretty table runner was one of our favorite wedding gifts. It was handmade and given to us by one of Blondie's mother's cousins. I've had the crystal bowl for years, and for the Christmas season I filled it up with pine cones from the tree in the front yard. Festive and free!

Here's where we hung our stockings this year! These stockings match the table runner and are plenty big for lots of good treats. I love that they are personalized...and they reveal the mystery of Blondie's real name! Julie and Sarah bought the clear crystal goblets to use as decorations for my shower and gave them to me afterward because neither of them could think of anything they would do with them, but they knew they were just my style. I have used them more than once! This little basket is where we keep all of the Christmas cards we have received. You can see Julie and C.'s card on the top of the stack.

This is my sewing machine table, which is right next to the front door. I love these red goblets that I received from a friend years ago. They're perfect for Christmas. I received the red candle and evergreen centerpiece as a door prize at a luncheon at church this year where the ladies bid farewell to a beloved friend who is moving soon. I got to keep the centerpiece from my table and I will always think of her when I see it. If you can't see the Santa Claus photo, it is of Julie and me when we were little. Our mom gave each of us one of these for Christmas one year and she also has one on her sewing machine.

That's the Christmas tour of our humble abode. Other than using festive towels in the kitchen and burning evergreen and cider scented candles throughout the house, I don't bother to decorate the other rooms since no one ever sees them. I do love having guests, though, so if you know me in person and you're free some evening, stop by for some apple cider or hot cocoa!

I'm participating in the Nester's Christmas Tour of Homes. Follow the link below to see other Christmas houses!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Science Fiction Christmas

I got my Christmas tree on sale the day after Christmas several years ago. It was cheap and you can tell. I try to compensate by covering it with really awesome ornaments. We have a little bit of everything on our tree, from special ornaments from our childhoods to nerdy action figures. The star at the top of the tree was made by Blondie in Sunday School in 1983. I have ornaments from my alma mater for each year I was in college there. The large glass ball hanging right next to Captain Kirk is a souvenir from our honeymoon--we bought it at the Tulsa Glassblowing Studio.

We have Blondie's and my first ornaments. Blondie's is a cute little mouse and mine is an embroidered teddy bear. You can see where I added my own decorative flair with a red pen.

Each year when Julie and I were growing up, our babysitter gave us a special handmade ornament. She was a very special person. Shirley was more than just a babysitter; she was like a member of our family. Our parents would tell you that Shirley raised us just as much as they did and we were very blessed to have her in our lives. Her ornaments are precious to me. Here are just a few of them.

And this year I have added Blondie's ornaments to the mix. We're having a science fiction Christmas this year, with Darth Vader from Star Wars, the crew from Star Trek, The Original Series, and some characters from Star Trek, The Next Generation. Frodo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey are also on the tree, but they're near the back and I couldn't photograph them.

My novelty ornaments are also on the tree. I love Peanuts and I have several Snoopy ornaments.

And, of course, we have to have the traditional "our first Christmas" ornament. This one was given to us by one of my friends as a wedding gift.

I am participating in Thrifty Decor Chick's Christmas Tree Party. See more festive trees here:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Cookie Exchange

It has become a tradition with some of the ladies in my church to have a Christmas Cookie Exchange early in December. I host the party at my house and make lots of dainty snacks, Karola makes her special cheese fondue, and all of the guests bring several batches of cookies to share with each other. This year I invited some ladies from Blondie's church, so we had a diverse group.

First, Karola gave a sweet devotional on how we should seek Jesus first. Then, we ate our dainty snacks and played a fun game. Finally, we got to the good stuff--the cookies!

This year, cake mix cookies were very popular! I think three ladies brought three different variations. Karola and I stuck with our tried and true standbys from last year. She made German Vanillekipferl, known to English speakers as Almond Crescents, and I made Snickerdoodles. They're Blondie's and my favorite cookies and I rarely take the time to make them, so this was a good special occasion for them.

Last year when we had fondue, Karola tried to be healthy and use a low fat cheese, but we ended up with a very stretchy fondue because it didn't melt! It was unexpected, but still fun. This year she had perfected her recipe and the cheese was creamy, as it is supposed to be. Here are Teresa, Carina, and Karola getting ready for the party.

Here are Carina, Brooke, and Mandi enjoying the fondue and other snacks. Brooke is not a fan of cheese, so she did not partake. We offered to pray over her in hopes of curing her sickness of cheese aversion, but she declined.

After we ate, we played a Christmas version of Apples to Apples. Like Sarah did for my bridal shower this summer, I used Christmas-related words to create game cards to replace the regular Apples-to-Apples cards, then we used the actual Apples-to-Apples cards to match up. There was lots of laughing, so I think everyone had fun!

Mandi is concentrating very hard on the game:

Here are just some of the cookies different people brought. Some went all out and packaged theirs in cute Christmas bags or tins, others just used Ziploc bags. I had some cute penguin snack bags leftover from another event, and after I used them I realized why they were leftover. When I twisted the tops of the bags to close them, the penguins' heads got all smashed, so my cute little penguins look decapitated. Oh well, the cookies still tasted good.

Here is everyone choosing the cookies they wanted to take home:

Carina and Karla with their loot:

Julie's basket was one of the few that was actually big enough to hold all of the cookies she acquired!

My basket wasn't quite big enough! The best part about having the party at my house: I got to keep all of the leftover cookies! Some people made more cookies than there were guests, so there were a couple of cookie packages left on my coffee table after people left. Score!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hot Chocolate

Last night Blondie had some hot chocolate right before he went to bed. I had just brushed my teeth, so it wouldn't have tasted good to me, but it did make me want some.

I knew we had a box of hot chocolate in the conference room at work, so I thought I'd have some this morning. I opened the cabinet where the box of hot chocolate mix is stored an pulled it down off the top shelf. That tricky hot chocolate box was empty! Someone took the last packet and didn't throw away the box. I was mighty disappointed.

The only other option for a hot beverage was green tea. On a normal day, green tea is fine. I like green tea. Green tea is good for you. But it's no substitute for hot chocolate. I'm going to the grocery store today and getting a box to keep in my desk so no tricky co-workers can take the last one!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cables Not Included

This weekend I ventured out to a Walmart on Black Friday for the FIRST TIME in my life ever. I had plans to be a super awesome youth group leader and get some Wii games for $7. Since I am not willing to get up early on a day off, I made it to Walmart around 9:00. Unfortunately, the games had been on sale since midnight and the good ones were sold out. The trip wasn't a complete waste though, because we didn't have a printer and they had them on sale for $20! So I found my printer and headed to the checkout.

Later, when I was trying to install my printer, I noticed the cable that attaches the printer to the computer was missing. I called the customer support, and while I was on hold I read the instructions a little more closely. It said that I might have to purchase the cable separately! I decided this was a great injustice. I thought that if I was persistent enough, they might send me a cable anyway.

I talked to a lady from a foreign country and asked why they don't send all of the necessary cables with new printers. How am I supposed to print documents from my computer when I can't connect my printer to my computer? She said that I should use the cable from my old printer to hook up the new printer. I told her that I didn't have an old printer, therefore I had no cable and was stuck with a printer that didn't work. She repeated the line about using the old cable. It was clear that she had no idea what I was saying. I told her that I would be returning the printer unless they would send me a cable. She seemed satisfied with that solution (I wasn't) and asked if there was anything else she could help me with today. YES! There is! Send me all the appropriate cables to make your product work! But I had given up by that point and just told her no and hung up. I'm sure I really showed her by not saying thank you. It is not in my nature to leave off a thank you. I think it actually hurt me worse than it hurt her.

It is my opinion that I shouldn't have to buy extra parts when I have already bought a new piece of computer equipment. I should be able to unpack a product from a box and be able to set it up without having to buy additional supplies. I am fully aware that the required cable will cost less than $10, but I refuse to be scammed into spending extra money. Boxes always inform you when batteries are not included, I think they should be labeled when cables are not included as well!

Thanksgiving Review

This was a very nice Thanksgiving!

Blondie and I went to my granny's house on Thanksgiving Day for lunch and spent some time with my extended family. Some of my aunts and uncles and cousins were there, and it was very nice to visit with them since we get to see them so rarely. We had a delicious meal--Granny made the turkey and dressing and okra and her daughters brought the sides. Our mom made macaroni and cheese and sweet potato casserole.

Later in the afternoon, we made our way toward home and joined Blondie's mom's family for Thanksgiving dinner. We had another traditional Thanksgiving meal and everyone shared something they are thankful for. Blondie is thankful that people (his dad) let him borrow their stuff and that I let him live with me. I am thankful that he is willing to live with me.

On Friday I went shopping with Blondie's mother and sister. We didn't get up early to try to catch any of the big sales, we just had a leisurely day of shopping and eating at my favorite "restaurant," Taco Factory. I picked up a couple of Christmas gifts and then when I got home I wrapped all of the gifts I had acquired so far.

Saturday evening Blondie and I went to his parents' house for dinner with his immediate family. We had a non-traditional meal, which was quite welcome after all of the ham and turkey. Then we watched the OU vs. OSU football game on TV. Well, the guys watched the game while I read a book.

Since Blondie's other grandma always cooks Sunday lunch for the family every week, she typically has her holiday meals on Sunday as well since everyone is going to be there anyway. I love this arrangement! You always know what to expect, which allows you to plan for other things. We had another turkey dinner with special desserts for the family members who don't get to join us every week.

I wasn't really excited about returning to work after all the nice time off, but it's only a few weeks until Christmas! I'll be ready for another break right around the corner.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy!

The Christmas season is officially here! And my first gift of the seaons showed up on my desk at work last week. Brenda knows I'm a sucker for anything that says "Joy" on it, and she's a sucker for anything that costs $1. So now I have a new Christmas decoration for my desk! Thanks, Brenda!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Make sure to eat lots of dressing and pie!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shumard Oak

For a while now, Blondie and I have been planning to plant a shade tree on the southwest side of our house, and last weekend was the perfect time to do it. I have read that fall is the best time to plant a new tree, so we waited for fall. Then we were busy with the wedding and just never got around to it.

We finally decided it was time when Blondie's grandma gave everyone their Christmas money and we had to decide what to do with it. We knew we wanted a tree, and this seemed like a good thing to spend it on. It's something that will last a long time and we will think of her when we see the tree.

We did some research and I talked to my boss, who is an avid gardner and landscaper. He recommended a Shumard Oak because it grows well in our region. The Shumard Oak is an Oklahoma Proven tree; it tolerates hot, dry summers and likes full sun. This sounded just perfect for us, so we went to Sunshine Nursery to choose a tree. The staff there was extremely friendly and helpful! Steve explained how to choose a good tree and pointed out a few nice ones.

We bought our tree, took it home, and put it in the ground right away. Steve gave us a planting guide and we followed his instructions precisely. Blondie dug a hole the same depth as and a little wider than our tree's root base and we filled it in and built a little dam around it. We didn't have quite enough soil, so we had to go to the farm and harvest some dirt. We then staked our tree between two sturdy T-posts to protect it from the strong winter winds we always have here.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone who voted on my china cabinet conundrum to enter the CSN Stores giveaway this weekend!

I did not advertise this giveaway on any forums or giveaway directories, so there was a small number of entries this time. I actually know most of the contestants personally, so it was really exciting for me to know that it was very likely that I would actually know the winner!

Well, sure enough! There were 10 entries and I used to select the winner. I asked for a random number between 1 and 10, and it gave me 4. Hooray!

The lucky winner is Mom, who said, "I like the white, but the colors look good also."

Congratulations, Mom! I will contact you via email today just in case you miss this post and then you will get to choose what you're going to buy with your $35 gift certificate!

As for the decision on white vs. color, it was a very close race. White received three votes, color got four votes, and two people said to mix it up. I guess I'll go with various colors for now, but I reserve the right to change it up when I feel like it!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Always Be Prepared!

I discovered something this weekend: You should always be prepared when camping in cold weather. C. is a big fan of camping. I am a big fan of sleeping indoors and using indoor plumbing. But since I get my way 99% of the time in this regard, I thought I would be nice and go camping with him Friday night. Also, another couple was going with us, and I couldn't let her look cooler than me.

I love a good campfire. Once you have had hot dogs cooked over a fire, you just can't eat them any other way (unless they come from a certain wonderful movie theater). S'mores made with Reese's are also amazing. I recently found out that hot chocolate packets are even better when made with water that has been heated over the fire. We have campfires a lot in the fall. Usually we pack up and go home around midnight. But apparently this weekend was perfect for camping. At least it was according to everyone besides me.

I started to get concerned when we met our friends at their house. They kept loading more and more blankets into their pickup. And she told me about the many layers she brought for sleeping. I started to worry that my sleeping bag from junior high sleepovers might not be warm enough. I hoped that my fuzzy fleece pants at college sweatshirt would supplement my slumber party sleeping bag.

Friday evening was a lot of fun. We had a good time roasting hot dogs and chatting with some of our smarter friends, who didn't want to stay the night. We had a great spot for a campfire. It was by a dry creek, which means a good, flat place with no rocks or sticks for sleeping, and behind a hill, which was an excellent wind block, so there was no cold wind, and the smoke didn't blow directly in our faces.

Eventually it was time to go to "bed." My slumber party sleeping bag completely failed me. And my fuzzy pink pants did nothing to counteract my sleeping bag's failure. About thirty minutes after we went to bed, I put C's cozy stocking cap on underneath my sweatshirt hood. About an hour after that I decided to put on C's not-so-cozy Carhartt jacket over my sweatshirt. About an hour after that I put my Carhartt jacket over my feet. I seriously considered going to the pickup for the rest of the night, but decided it probably wasn't any warmer in there. So I stayed in my sleeping bag and plotted about 75 different ways to torture C as he slept peacefully in his nice, cozy, 30 degree-rated sleeping bag.

The experience wasn't all bad. Our friend made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. It was so yummy. I can't even make gravy on a stove in a kitchen, and hers turned out perfect in a cast iron pan over a fire. I'm actually looking forward to the next campfire, but I made C. promise to get me a real sleeping bag that is made for campouts instead of sleepovers and is rated for the proper temperature before I am willing to sleep outside again. And next time I'm bringing more blankets!

China Cabinet

Blondie and I decided we wanted to use the money we received as wedding gifts to purchase one big, memorable item. We decided to get a new china cabinet to use for storing all of our lovely dishes. We received many place settings of Fiesta Dinnerware and I already had lots of nice white dishes and serving pieces that I have acquired through the years. This gives us a great variety of dishes for different occasions.

I washed all of the Fiestaware before putting it away. Everything was a little dusty from being stored in the boxes. This isn't everything, but it was all that would fit in my dishwasher at one time:

I started my search by perusing Craigslist for a bargain. After wading through every barstool and bedroom suite for sale, I gave up on finding the perfect used china cabinet. Blondie and I also searched at several furniture stores. We looked at lots of options, but nothing really suited us. Everything we saw was either incredibly expensive, or looked very flimsy. I didn't want something to display a couple of plates and some glasses; I needed something to stack big piles of dishes on! When this caught our eye, we really loved it.

Our china cabinet was delivered on Thursday and it is just perfect! Do you remember when I wondered what I should do with the big blank wall in my kitchen? This is the perfect solution! The main problem: it doesn't match any of the other furniture in our house. All of our other furniture is pine and this is cherry. No matter, though. There's no other furniture in the kitchen and my cabinets are fairly dark, so we justified it. Plus, this piece was so heavy that Blondie couldn't lift it, so that meant it must be sturdy enough to stack lots of dishes on!

My favorite feature is the sliding glass doors. Every other china cabinet we considered had doors that opened out. I think these will be much more durable because they won't be hastily slammed and likely to get broken like the other type. Also, they can be used to cover the middle section or the two side sections. Versatility!

After I got the china cabinet dusted and installed the shelves, I played around with different arrangements.

All white:

Or lots of different colors:

I can't decide if I like it better with all white dishes or lots of colored dishes. I'll let the readers decide. Tell me what you like best. Everyone who comments will be entered in a giveaway for a $35 CSNStores giveaway!

If you're in the market for a new barstoos or bedroom suite and don’t want to wade through all the junk on Craigslist, check out They have over 200 stores that offer lots of unique items for your home and family.

Thanks to CSN Stores, one lucky reader of Lame Adventures will win a $35 gift certificate to any of CSN Stores' online stores. CSN Stores offers everything for your home, including furniture, home decor, housewares, outdoor items, baby and kid stuff, school and office supplies, shoes, bags, luggage, pet supplies, and health and fitness equipment. CSN Stores is a one-stop-shop for just about anything you might need.

To enter: vote on your preference of all white vs. a colorful variety of dishes in my new china cabinet!

For additional entries (leave separate comments for each):

• become a follower of Lame Adventures
• post a direct link to this giveaway on your facebook status
• blog about the giveaway; leave a direct link to your post in the comment

The winner will be selected by a random draw. Make sure your comment gives me a way to contact you if you win. If I can't get in touch with you, I'll have to select another winner!

The giveaway ends at 10:00 pm, central time, on Sunday, November 14, 2010.

Due to shipping issues, the giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only.

Nobody paid me to say nice things about CSN Stores, but CSN Stores is giving one of my readers $35 worth of stuff. Lucky readers!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wedding Photos

I picked up our wedding photos yesterday. I was so anxious to see them and I am very pleased with them.

This is my favorite of the two of us:

The traditional wedding portrait:

A sweet one:

The bridesmaids are our sisters; Blondie's on the left and mine on the right:

The groomsmen are Blondie's brother and his cousin, Art:

The entire wedding party, including the ushers who are the bridesmaids' husbands:

My family:

Blondie's family:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Babies and Business Don't Mix!

On occasion a client will bring their child to an appointment with me. I don't really like it, but I tolerate it. If the child is quiet and sits still and keeps himself entertained while the parent and I conduct business, all is well. However, that is rare. Most children, in my experience, do not sit quietly. They need snacks and entertainment.

I remember going places with my dad as a little girl. He would sometimes take us to the Co-op or the veterinarian's office. It was kind of a special occasion when we went places with our dad. We knew that we needed to mind our manners and let him work. I loved going to the Co-op because the manager had a huge box of Saf-T-Pops in his office. He would always give us one and we would always politely thank him and save it for later. If we were good while my dad did whatever he had gone to the Co-op to do, he would let us get a pop and candy bar from the vending machine. That was very special.

We probably didn't belong in the Co-op manager's office, but we were darn sure good while we were there. Plus, we were old enough to understand the expectations and follow the rules. We obviously weren't the only children who had ever darkened the Co-op manager's door because he wouldn't have had a giant box of suckers if he didn't expect to see children on occasion. The difference is that we behaved ourselves.

Last week a client brought her son with her for an appointment. I'm not good at estimating children's ages; this little boy was walking, but barely talking. He wasn't old enough to be expected to sit still and entertain himself, so of course he got into things while he was here. He cried when his mother told him to sit still. He ground Goldfish crackers into my guest chair, spilled juice on the floor, and fiddled with things on my desk. He wasn't being naughty. He was just curious.

Today a different client brought her daughter to my office. This little girl was about the same age. She toddled around my office, generally exploring the area. She played with the keys to my desk drawers, she unplugged my computer, and eventually spilled her mother's coffee all over my desk.

First of all, I am amazed at what parents can ignore. It is incredibly distracting to me when a child is wondering around my office, potentially destroying lots of important things. Secondly, I am surprised that they bring children to my office at all. It is obviously not a child friendly environment. In my opinion, if something is to be taken seriously, it deserves your full attention, whether it is your child or your business. When you don't take your responsibilities seriously, it's very difficult for me to take you seriously. I understand that bringing your children with you to boring places like my office is unavoidable, but please don't be surprised when it diminishes the productivity of your meeting.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Coming! It's Coming!

Christmas is almost here!

Really! It is! Look at your calendar! It's time to start thinking about gifts, and schedules, and menus, and cookies, and all that jazz! I am a very careful planner, but it seems like I always forget about my Christmas card! I believe that mine have barely made it made it to their destinations in time for Christmas in the past few years. This year will be different! It will be better! This year my Christmas cards will be ready early! My goal is to have them neatly addressed, stacked, and ready to go by the beginning of December.

My motivation? The fact that Shutterfly has such stinkin' cute designs in their Christmas card section. I don't even know where to begin with this site! There are 748 Christmas cards. That's not even including the Holiday card section. That's right, they have so many December-based cards that they had to put them in two categories.

This card is adorable. It might be the one. But then again, I'm a sucker for anything that has "Joy" on it. Then they had to go and put snowboards on their photo. But I'm still researching! So don't be surprised if you see something completely different in your mailbox when December gets here!

After you spend many giddy hours sorting through their cards, you can look for matching address labels! These are vintage style. That makes them fancy.
It doesn't hurt that if you're a blogger and tell all of your fantabulous readers about the wonders of Shutterfly, they will give you 50 free Christmas cards. Just go here, and you can be in free Christmas card bliss like I am!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Missing: One Brand New Wedding Ring

What's worse on your honeymoon: throwing up or losing your wedding ring? Unfortunately for Blondie, he had both.

He managed to keep track of his wedding ring for one full week before it disappeared. He had been wearing it daily and putting it in his "cubby" where he keeps his glasses, cell phone, wallet, watch, and other odds and ends.

When we went to dinner on Saturday evening during our honeymoon, he noticed that he didn't have it on his finger. He assumed he had left it on the desk at the hotel where he had been putting it when he took it off. When we got back to the room, his ring wasn't there.

We searched the entire room. Couldn't find it. The last time he remembered having it was at lunch. We went back to the restaurant where we had eaten lunch; they hadn't found it. We returned to the stores we had visited that afternoon; no luck there. We wracked our brains trying to think of places it could be. We came up with nothing.

He felt awful. I assured him that we were still married even if he doesn't have a ring. He started getting sick on Saturday evening and he said the throwing up eases the guilt of misplacing his ring. I'm not sure it's worth it.

Upon the suggestion of his cousin Art, Blondie searched for a new ring on and found a pretty exact duplicate right away. The best part? It cost $29.99. That's pretty hard to beat!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Yesterday afternoon we got a whim to dress up for Halloween at work. Fridays are a good day for a little silliness. I had a busy evening planned yesterday, and none of it involved going to a store to get costume supplies. My choices were a fisherman, because I already had most of the accessories from my costume a few years ago; a firefighter, because I could steal everything from C.; or a farmer, because I could steal everything from C's toolbox. I decided it wouldn't be any fun to be a fisherman, since I had already done that, and it seemed like a safety hazard to take firefighting supplies out of a fire station (probably illegal, too). I decided on a farmer, because that was easiest!

This is the stuff I came up with. They are all essential farmer supplies. I already owned the Carhartt jacket. It is quite wonderful and cozy. C. is too cool to have a cap with a mesh back, so I settled for his non-air conditioned John Deere hat.

I stole an ear tag from his stash. I am apparently heifer #119, however I didn't think the whole world needed to know C's full name and phone number so I flipped it to the boring side. Another essential item is fence insulators. For all of you non-farmy people, that would be the two funky shaped yellow things on the right side of the photo. They are the handy little gadget that holds a wire on a fence post.

I was surprised C. let me leave the house with the next two things, because they actually are essential to his everyday work. However because they are so very essential, I'm pretty sure he has at least a few backups of each item. A good pair of leather work gloves are very handy to have. I put this pair on for an office photo and immediately after the photo I had to go wash the grimyness out of my fingernails. C. also sent me with his favorite pair of John Deere pliers. These are his "good" pliers, so I'm being very careful with them! It would be a tragedy if I lost them!

I am fully prepared to go tag a cow or build fence after work. I probably need to return the parts of my costume to their spots quickly after I get home or else C. might put me to work!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

13 Items, 8 Bags

The purpose of this blog post is to showcase the inefficient bagging technique of the Wal Mart cashier who served me today. I purchased 13 items, and he used eight bags; 10 if you count the produce bags my lettuce and bananas were in.

I could not quite figure out his style. Why does the lettuce get its own bag, but the bananas don't? Could he not put two packages of chips in one bag? Did he think the pickles would contaminate the milk? I admired that he put two boxes of granola bars, the aluminum foil, and the hair gel all in the same bag. That makes sense. But do the Cheerios really need a bag of their own?

P.S. I know I bought a lot of junk food. Don't hate. I can assure you, those Cool Ranch Doritos are not for me. Yuck!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Fortunately, Blondie is feeling a lot better today. I left him in bed this morning with two phones by his side, a bottle of Gatorade, a cup of Jell-O, and a package of crackers. I told him that I would call at 9:00. I called about 9:15 and he was up because he knew I was going to call and he was getting ready to eat some oatmeal.

I called again at lunchtime and he was up playing computer games. I told him to eat some of the soup I had left for him in the fridge. I slaved over the can opener for a good 30 seconds and I didn't want my efforts to be in vain.

Yesterday in a moment of lucid conversation, I told him that I had made him two batches of Jell-O, but his mom would have done that and made homemade chicken soup. I felt bad. But then I looked at my house. It's semi clean. Still not completely recovered from the wedding festivities, but I accomplished a lot yesterday afternoon in the time it would have taken to make homemade soup. I didn't feel so bad anymore. Until he told me that not only would his mom have made him soup and hovered over him all afternoon, she would have also taken him to the ER. I guess a good wife would have loved him enough to seek legitimate medical treatment.

I kindly reminded him that the results would have been the same had I taken him to the ER. Except he would have had to sit on a hard chair in the cold ER for three hours before a doctor saw him and prescribed the same Phenergan I gave him after I tucked him into his comfy couch and handed him the remote and forced liquids all day. Maybe I should charge extra for my superior customer service. Do you think his insurance would cover that?

In Sickness and In Health

Blondie and I just returned from our honeymoon yesterday afternoon. We decided to get married the weekend before fall break so we could have the long fall break weekend for a little trip. Since we had gone to California in June and Blondie doesn't get many days off during the school year, we decided to go to Tulsa for the weekend. It's not too far away, so we didn't spend a large chunk of our vacation time on the road and it's just out-of-the-way enough that neither of us had ever really been there. We had been through there many times, but it had never been a destination.

We left on Wednesday afternoon and made it to Tulsa in time for dinner at McNellie's. They have $3 burgers on Wednesday night, so I took advantage of the special deal. Blondie had the Landlord's Cottage Pie, their version of Shepherd's Pie. The food there was good and the atmosphere was fun.

After we returned to our hotel, I started feeling a migraine coming on (yes, it was a legitimate headache...I wasn't trying to get out of anything), so we went to a nearby Walgreen's to get some painkillers. While we were shopping for pills, there was a pharmacist standing nearby, so we asked her what she recommended. She suggested that I try BC Powder mixed with a glass of Coke. I hate Coke, but she said Dr. Pepper would be fine too. I wanted to see how the BC Powder worked without additional caffeine, so I just mixed it with tap water. This resulted in a grainy texture which was difficult to drink. Blondie made me drink the whole thing...and soon regretted it.

I don't throw up. I can count on one hand the throwing up incidents in my life. Well. Maybe two hands now. I won't go into detail; I'll just say that I threw up. On my honeymoon. In a hotel room. And Blondie is a good husband.

Thursday was better. We went to eat breakfast at the Blue Dome Diner and enjoyed a walking tour of the historical downtown buildings. We had planned to eat dinner at Elote because the Elote Luchador Wrestling Federation competes there on Thursday evenings. We thought it would be a fun experience to see the competition, but we had just missed the end of the season. Since there would be no wrestling that evening, we just ate lunch there instead. That was the best food of our entire trip. We had white queso with salsa and chips, I had a chicken burrito, and Blondie had a beef burrito. Everything in their food is fresh and organic, so the mood of the restaurant is unlike any Mexican restaurant we had ever been to--I'm pretty sure there's no lard used there. While we were downtown on Thursday we also enjoyed some interesting shops and wished we could have tried more of the restaurants.

On Friday we toured the historic Philbrook Museum of Art. This museum was formerly the private residence of oil baron Waite Phillips and his family, but was later donated to the City of Tulsa. My favorite part of the museum was the garden, where there were both formal and informal areas. While we were there I ran into an old friend from college, who I hadn't seen in at least six years. After visiting the museum, we enjoyed a picnic lunch at Woodward Park and finished just before it rained. Later that evening we ate dinner at Full Moon Cafe, where the food is average, but the entertainment is excellent. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings they have a "Dueling Piano" show. We thought the show started at 8:00, so we got there around 7:45 for dinner. After we looked at the menu, though, we found out that the show didn't start until 9:00. We ate slowly and ordered dessert. The wait was worth it. The show was a lot of fun!

We visited the Gilcrease Museum on Saturday. It started as Thomas Gilcrease's personal collection of American art and artifacts and has grown to more than 10,000 works, the largest collection of western American art ever assembled. That evening we ate dinner at Kilkenny's, another Irish pub. We were glad we went to McNellie's first because this place was even better. The atmosphere was loud, but not obnoxious and the food was excellent. Since it is October, they had a special Oktoberfest menu, so we had German cuisine instead of Irish. Blondie had a pork shank stew and I had beef goulash. Both were interesting and different. We agreed that we liked both dishes even though they were not what we expected and not how we would have prepared them.

Things started going downhill on Saturday night. Poor Blondie started feeling puny and ended up throwing up a few times throughout the night. He wasn't feeling any better on Sunday, and I'm sure the car ride home didn't help. I got pretty good at stopping quickly on the Interstate. When we got home he took some Phenergan that he had from a previous trip to the ER for nausea. He drank Gatorade and ate Jell-O all afternoon and was feeling better until the Phenergan started wearing off. He didn't go to school today, and I hope he is feeling better by the time I get home. I left him some more Jell-O and chicken noodle soup. If that doesn't make him feel better, I'm out of tricks.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bird Interruption

I forgot to bring my book to work with me yesterday. This meant that I had to kill an hour because I can't stand spending my lunch hour at my desk. It reminds me too much of work. So I decided to have lunch at Sonic, where I could spend my hour in uninterrupted peace.
Unfortunately, my peace was interrupted. A bird decided to join me for lunch. I hate birds. They are creepy, and flea-y, and bouncy, and fluttery (in a bad way). They are just icky.
This bird happily hopped all over the menu board, completely distracting me from my corn dog and forcing my to roll up my window in fear of him diving through to really freak me out. I cracked the window a tiny little bit just to take a photo.
I cut my time at Sonic short and headed to Stage, where I found no peace, no good deals, no cute shoes, and no birds.
After the bird incident, remembering to bring my book was not a problem this morning.