Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Wow! What an excellent turnout for the CSN Stores giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. There were over 100 entries in the contest! People had lots of great ideas for what to buy with the $50 shopping spree, which made me wish I could just keep the $50 for myself! Also, thanks to this exciting giveaway, the number of followers on our blog more than tripled! We had 11 followers before the giveaway; and now have 35! We are really going to have to step up our game to keep all you new followers interested in what's going on in our lame lives! I hope you won't jump ship just yet. Stick around and see what kinds of lame things we have to say!

Now, on with the business at hand. The giveaway winner!

(Drumroll, please)

The lucky winner is (selected by the random number generator at comment #32, Annie Shaw!

Congratulations, Annie! I will contact you via email today just in case you miss this post and then you will undertake the arduous task of deciding what you're going to buy on your $50 shopping spree!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Surprise, Surprise!

OK, so are you ready to find out about the big surprise? What exactly do mail boxes and lame blogs have in common? Well, nothing really. But did I get your attention?

Thanks to CSN Stores, one lucky reader of Lame Adventures will win a $50 shopping spree to any of CSN Stores' 200+ online stores. CSN Stores offers everything, including furniture, home decor, housewares, outdoor items, baby and kid stuff, school and office supplies, shoes, bags, luggage, pet supplies, and health and fitness equipment. You can find everything from mail boxes to slipcovers to porch swings at CSN Stores is a one-stop-shop for just about anything you might need.

To enter: check out CSN Stores' 200+ stores and leave a comment to tell me what item you would use the $50 shopping spree to buy.

For additional entries (leave separate comments for each):

  • become a follower of Lame Adventures
  • post a direct link to this giveaway on your facebook status
  • blog about the giveaway; leave a direct link to your post in the comment

The winner will be selected by a random draw. Make sure your comment gives me a way to contact you if you win. If I can't get in touch with you, I'll have to select another winner!

The giveaway ends at 10:00 pm, central time, on Wednesday, January 27, 2010.

Due to shipping issues, the giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only.

Nobody paid me to say nice things about CSN Stores, but CSN Stores is giving one of my readers $50 worth of stuff. Lucky readers!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Polka Dotted Awesomeness

Yesterday I mentioned that I believe a cute apron is an integral part of decorating a cake. That might only be a rule in my own head, but it is my head that I will be bringing to the class. So today I did my very own craft project.

After waking up from a wonderful nap, I decided that today would be a good day to make an apron. I had some very cute fabric that was intended to be a skirt someday--but that never happened, so I decided it would be put to good use in an apron.

I did a Google search for "apron dimensions" and found this site. It has very good directions, and if you have a little chef at home, you can make yourselves matching aprons! So I set to work and came up with this:

I was quite proud of myself! Now I have to decide if I am actually going to show up to the class in this thing. Will I be like the college freshman who wore my very cutest "going out" outfit to class the very first day. OR will it make me the the coolest kid in school?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cake Disasters

I have found a fun new way to be entertained. There are two technology centers nearby that offer adult education courses in many different areas. Last year Lisa and I took a golf class, and I passed it successfully. I’ll let Lisa explain her experiences with golf; I believe we have two completely different stories.

This year I have found a cake decorating class. Kelsie and I have both signed up for it. I picture myself in a cute little polka-dotted, ruffled apron, masterfully whipping up creative and adorable cake masterpieces. While I’m sure an apron will come in handy, I’m not quite as positive about the masterpiece part. At least I’ll get to eat cake, even if it’s ugly. Probably after eating a cake every week, my next class should be some kind of physical activity. Maybe line-dancing?

A few days ago I received the supply list in the mail. We thought that we might need a few frosting tips, some disposable bags, a couple of cake mixes, and, of course, an adorable apron. The REAL list is much more extensive than instructions saying “go to Walmart and choose a few things that you think might make a cake look cute.” We need seven specifically numbered tips, a cloth decorators bag (did you know they came in anything besides plastic?), freezer paper, a special spatula, spoons, and lots of other things. We’re beginning to think we’re getting in over our heads and over our budgets. I don’t know if Walmart even has all this stuff. I hope they do, I don’t have time for an emergency trip to Hobby Lobby for cake decorating supplies.

This class will definitely be a great lame adventure, so stay posted. I’m sure there will be photos of masterpieces, but it is likely there will be more photos of disasters.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mail Boxes

When I was growing up, my family always had a giant mail box. Why? Because when my dad was growing up, his family always had a giant mailbox. People ordered a lot of stuff by catalog then and needed a large receptacle for deliveries. Times changed and people started doing their shopping in stores. Mail boxes evolved. People no longer needed giant mail boxes. But we always had one. I don't remember ever ordering anything from a catalog, but we certainly had plenty of room for a sizable delivery should one arrive!

When I went to college, I checked my dorm mail box every day for something. Anything! I didn't care what. I would be glad to get junk mail. I had a couple magazine subscriptions. I would sometimes receive a letter from a cousin in a distant state. Occasionally my mom would send me a card (from 16 miles away) with a $20 bill inside. By this time, though, email was becoming fairly common and I didn't send or receive a lot of letters. Getting mail was special.

Now that I'm a grown up, my mail box is constantly full of bills and junk mail, which I am no longer excited to receive. I live in town, which means I walk down the block to the pod of mail boxes shared by my neighborhood. I like that. Some people dislike having to walk down the street to get their mail, but I enjoy not having to mow around the mail box. Well, I enjoy not having my lawn guy have to mow around the mail box.

What do mail boxes and lame blogs have in common? Check back on Monday for a big surprise! You won't want to miss this.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What I Did Over My MLK Day Vacation

It was not easy to get out of bed and go to work this morning after such an exhausting weekend. At 5:00 Friday morning, Julie, C, Blondie, and I hit the road for a fun filled, action packed weekend of driving. And snowboarding! But mostly driving.

It is a long drive to Wolf Creek, but their annual 465 inches of snow make up for the long trip. We typically go snowboarding over President's Day weekend in February, but it is much easier for C to get off work in January. Plus, Julie and I had Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off, so we took off an extra day and made it a four day weekend. Unfortunately, Wolf Creek hasn't received as much snowfall this year and the conditions were a bit icy while we were there, but we still made the most of it.

We spent all day Friday on the road and made it to South Fork in time to check into our cabin and pick up our rented equipment. We're always eager to get to the mountin each morning, so we like to get our stuff together the evening before our first snowboarding day. Since it is an hour earlier in Colorado than it is in Oklahoma, it is easy for us to get up and around in plenty of time to arrive at the mountain before the crowds and park next to Base Camp so we can avoid walking from distant parking lots. We hit the slopes first thing in the morning and we don't see C again until it's time for lunch.

We always park our lunch box cooler in the same spot in Base Camp, and tend to see the same folks every year. There is one man who we see there every year, whether we visit on spring break, President's Day, or MLK Day. Our President's Day friends from New Mexico, whom we've become acquainted with in over the past few years, happened to be there early this year too. It was quite a coincidence to run into them!

Blondie hadn't ever snowboarded before so he took a lesson this time. Unfortunately, the icy conditions didn't give him an accurate perspective of how fun snowboarding can be and he got a little discouraged with the learning curve. We're used to several inches of soft powder, and this year there simply wasn't any new snow.

On our second day of snowboarding, I crashed and burned (or froze) which resulted in a sore elbow and a bruised ear (and other places). It's not pretty, but it's feeling much better and I'm thankful I didn't break any bones.

Every afternoon, we stay until the lifts close and then head back to South Fork for the evening. We often have to make a pit stop at the Rainbow Grocery for last minute supplies, then we relax in the cabin and eat supper. After supper, we strategically hit the hot tub before any other sore skiers and snowboarders have a chance to invade.

On our last morning of snowboarding, it snowed a tiny bit, which made a huge impact on Blondie's enjoyment level. I was very grateful for the snow because I didn't want these lousy snowboarding conditions to permanently cloud his perspective.

As we were getting ready to leave and I was loading some things in the car, a fellow university employee pulled into the parking spot next to me! It is certainly a small world. We had decided to leave at noon so we could get home in time to catch a few Zs before the four of us had to return to work today, so we stopped for a late lunch in Alamosa. We couldn't decide where to eat, so we tried to let TomTom tell us. Unfortunately, TomTom sent us on a wild goose chase and we ended up at a questionable joint named Nino's. We suspected something was wrong with the place when it took 45 minutes for them to cook our food (yes, that was after we ordered) when three of us had ordered the lunch special. Our suspicions were confirmed when Julie and I could only find a men's restroom and upon leaving the building, we noticed a questionable character continuously peering out a tiny window at the parking lot below. Perhaps you had to be there to experience the creepiness for yourself.

The drive home was long and I woke up with a stiff neck after a brief nap in the car and I was so glad to be home! I dumped my stuff, took a quick shower, and hit the sack. 7:00 am came way too early this morning, but I guess having to go back to work makes you appreciate vacation days even more.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adult Enforcement Unit

This morning I stood in my pantry and pondered what to have for lunch. This is a decision I make every morning before I leave for work. Sometimes there is nothing there and I finally decide to get a burrito from Taco Mayo. This morning I was responsible. I finally decided cereal was yummy, and much cheaper and healthier than eating out. My dilemma was in which type of cereal to choose. I had a bag of generic rice krispies left from last time I made rice krispie treats and I had a brand new, fresh, unopened box of Fruity Pebbles

Rice krispies are boring, but reliable. They are also economical, after all, they are generic and will go to waste if I don’t eat them soon. However Fruity Pebbles are fun and yummy, even if they are candy covered in milk. I love them so much. But I took the responsible route. Rice krispies were the winner. I felt very much like an adult. Sometimes I have moments where I feel like a grown up. These moments happen when I am paying bills or driving to work even though I would rather sleep in. Today it happened to be when I was choosing to eat rice krispies.

Other times I feel like somebody is going to come get me. Like there is some kind of club (more likely called an organization when you’re an adult), that I am not aware of. One where they have an initiation process before conducting a ceremony where they present you with your official adult card. Since I haven’t been through this process it is obvious that I am only pretending to be an adult. Sometimes I enjoy the privileges of being an adult when I am going out for ice cream late at night, or choosing to let the dirty dishes sit on the counter because I can’t be punished for letting them get crusty. It is these times that I worry that there is an official adult enforcement unit that is going to come ask to see my adult card and I won’t be able to provide one. I will have to ride in the back of their official car, and they will drive up to my parents’ house with their lights flashing and drag me to the porch by my elbow. They will give my parents a stern warning not to let me escape again.

Now, don’t think that my parents’ house is a bad place. It is much nicer than mine. There is a garage door opener, there are always good snacks, and there are no crusty dishes on the counter. My parents’ house is a very nice place and I was very lucky to get to live there when I was younger. But in the past few years I have very much grown accustomed to living on my own, where the things around me are mine, and my house is my own style. It is also fun to find new ways of doing things. The lessons you learn when the old way of doing things is better is often fun too.

Then again, when you’re choosing to have cereal for lunch, it might not matter what kind you choose. Any kind might doom you to be sent back to your parents’ house for reevaluation. Salad is a more “adult” choice. And most people who know me, know that I will NOT be choosing salad for a meal any time soon. Mom, you might want to watch the door tonight, the adult enforcement unit might be coming with me in their backseat!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Brad Paisley Concert

I am the coolest wife ever. Well, maybe not ever, but I have my good moments. For Christmas I got C. tickets to see Brad Paisley. This concert was Friday, and we had a great time!

I took a few hours off of work and we headed to the City. I think this was the first time we ever paid to park in this part of town. We felt as though $5 was worth not having to run a mile at midnight when it was ten degrees outside. It was definitely worth it. We only had to go about a block, which meant I could leave my gloves, scarf, and hat in the car. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to sitting on those in my tiny little stadium seat. I also left my camera in the car. They usually tell people you can’t bring them, so I was going to be a good little girl and follow the rules. I was very sad to find out that practically everyone in the stadium had one. We had really good seats, and I could have had my very own photos of Brad Paisley. I suppose I will have to draw one from memory.

(he had red paint on his pants to match the ones he wore in the CD jacket)

The concert was a lot of fun! Justin Moore opened. He is fairly new, and he did a really good job. He knew that watching him stand there and play his guitar got boring fairly quickly, so he did a good combination of playing his guitar and running around interacting with the audience. Miranda Lambert was the other opening act. She was fun to watch. We were surprised about how she pretty much just looked like a normal person. She wasn’t abnormally skinny. She did have big hair, but I think that’s just something that goes along with being a country music singer.

Brad Paisley was the main event, of course. I love his music. Most of his songs are about good ole’ boys having fun. It definitely fits in what C. and his friends did on the weekends in high school. It kind of got old that he had microphone stands in four places, and stayed at those four places for most of the concert, but I suppose he made up for it by actually playing his guitar. I would assume people with actual musical would be impressed by that. I’m sure it’s not easy to run around on a stage while trying to keep up on your guitar.

It was a great way to spend a Friday! Although I still haven’t caught back up on my sleep! I’m ready for a good nap!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happiness Wrapped in a Tortilla

I got to go to my very favorite little Mexican restaurant today. It always makes me so happy. It isn’t your typical Mexican restaurant with tiled tabletops and colorful dishes. It is just a little white building with folding chairs and tables. There is a little lady in a hairnet in the kitchen shredding cheese. Until recently, they didn’t even serve ground beef. If you need bright colors to feel at home in a Mexican restaurant, it does have rather vividly painted walls, though I could live without the neon green.

This is the only Mexican restaurant where I don’t order a burrito every time I go. Today I had a quesadilla with wonderful white, gooey cheese. It was so good. It’s like sending happiness wrapped in a tortilla directly to your stomach. Gorditas and sopes are also on my list of favorites. Sometimes I will even order a burrito, but I have to be really hungry when I order a burrito because they are ginormous. There is even something special about their Dr. Pepper.

They also have the best salsa. Everyone who has ever gone agrees. As I am eating it I picture the little lady in the hairnet must smushing fresh tomatoes in a mortar and pestle every morning, then adding magic to make it taste wonderful. I also like to pretend that because the salsa is made from tomatoes that I’m eating healthy. Something about dipping a deep fried tortilla chip in the salsa makes me think I might be wrong. I’m going to keep pretending anyway. Whatever it takes to make the work day a little better, right?

Monday, January 4, 2010


Does it annoy you when people in front of you in the checkout like write a check or use coupons? I happened to be that person this weekend. I always check the Walgreens sale flyer for their weekly deals and often find some good bargains. This week they had a coupon for aluminum foil for 50 cents and padded envelopes on sale for 39 cents.

Generally when I’m using coupons, I try to go to the store when it is not busy. You know, so I don’t hold up the line with my thriftiness. This time I happened to go, without the intention of purchasing anything, at a fairly busy time. I couldn't pass up such good deals, so I grabbed my aluminum foil and envelopes and headed for the checkout.

There were two people in line in front of me. When the older lady at the front of the line whipped out her checkbook, I groaned internally. But, I kept my feelings to myself, as I knew that there would be people in line behind me groaning when I whipped out my coupons. The next guy was quick, so I didn't have to smell him for very long. Then it was my turn!

I handed the cashier my three items. She rang them up. The envelopes registered $1.99. Oops. I showed her the sale flyer and she voided and re-entered them. Then the aluminum foil. She rang it up. I gave her the coupon. It beeped. She scanned it again. It beeped again. Then the cashier scrutinized the coupon. It turns out that I had the wrong size aluminum foil. The coupon was only good for 20 sq. ft. I had 70 sq. ft. I hurriedly scanned the aluminum foil aisle to find that there was no 20 sq. ft. aluminum foil. No wonder I got the wrong size!

I returned to the cashier and explained that there were none in the right size, so I informed her that all I needed was the envelopes. I felt dumb. I could feel the eyes rolling behind me. I had made them wait all that time for two silly 39 cent envelopes. I felt less dumb, though, when the guy in line behind me only needed two packs of cigarettes, which cost a lot more than 39 cents.