Monday, January 11, 2010

Brad Paisley Concert

I am the coolest wife ever. Well, maybe not ever, but I have my good moments. For Christmas I got C. tickets to see Brad Paisley. This concert was Friday, and we had a great time!

I took a few hours off of work and we headed to the City. I think this was the first time we ever paid to park in this part of town. We felt as though $5 was worth not having to run a mile at midnight when it was ten degrees outside. It was definitely worth it. We only had to go about a block, which meant I could leave my gloves, scarf, and hat in the car. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to sitting on those in my tiny little stadium seat. I also left my camera in the car. They usually tell people you can’t bring them, so I was going to be a good little girl and follow the rules. I was very sad to find out that practically everyone in the stadium had one. We had really good seats, and I could have had my very own photos of Brad Paisley. I suppose I will have to draw one from memory.

(he had red paint on his pants to match the ones he wore in the CD jacket)

The concert was a lot of fun! Justin Moore opened. He is fairly new, and he did a really good job. He knew that watching him stand there and play his guitar got boring fairly quickly, so he did a good combination of playing his guitar and running around interacting with the audience. Miranda Lambert was the other opening act. She was fun to watch. We were surprised about how she pretty much just looked like a normal person. She wasn’t abnormally skinny. She did have big hair, but I think that’s just something that goes along with being a country music singer.

Brad Paisley was the main event, of course. I love his music. Most of his songs are about good ole’ boys having fun. It definitely fits in what C. and his friends did on the weekends in high school. It kind of got old that he had microphone stands in four places, and stayed at those four places for most of the concert, but I suppose he made up for it by actually playing his guitar. I would assume people with actual musical would be impressed by that. I’m sure it’s not easy to run around on a stage while trying to keep up on your guitar.

It was a great way to spend a Friday! Although I still haven’t caught back up on my sleep! I’m ready for a good nap!


Glynn said...

You can take your camera as long as it isn't a HUGE telescoping DSLR professional camera. You also aren't allowed to record video. Some lady tried to bust me on recording video when I was merely taking a picture.