Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cake Disasters

I have found a fun new way to be entertained. There are two technology centers nearby that offer adult education courses in many different areas. Last year Lisa and I took a golf class, and I passed it successfully. I’ll let Lisa explain her experiences with golf; I believe we have two completely different stories.

This year I have found a cake decorating class. Kelsie and I have both signed up for it. I picture myself in a cute little polka-dotted, ruffled apron, masterfully whipping up creative and adorable cake masterpieces. While I’m sure an apron will come in handy, I’m not quite as positive about the masterpiece part. At least I’ll get to eat cake, even if it’s ugly. Probably after eating a cake every week, my next class should be some kind of physical activity. Maybe line-dancing?

A few days ago I received the supply list in the mail. We thought that we might need a few frosting tips, some disposable bags, a couple of cake mixes, and, of course, an adorable apron. The REAL list is much more extensive than instructions saying “go to Walmart and choose a few things that you think might make a cake look cute.” We need seven specifically numbered tips, a cloth decorators bag (did you know they came in anything besides plastic?), freezer paper, a special spatula, spoons, and lots of other things. We’re beginning to think we’re getting in over our heads and over our budgets. I don’t know if Walmart even has all this stuff. I hope they do, I don’t have time for an emergency trip to Hobby Lobby for cake decorating supplies.

This class will definitely be a great lame adventure, so stay posted. I’m sure there will be photos of masterpieces, but it is likely there will be more photos of disasters.


Savvy Gal said...

can't wait to see. : )

Kelsie said...

Masterpiece or disaster, it doesn't matter to me... I will love our cake creations no matter what!