Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happiness Wrapped in a Tortilla

I got to go to my very favorite little Mexican restaurant today. It always makes me so happy. It isn’t your typical Mexican restaurant with tiled tabletops and colorful dishes. It is just a little white building with folding chairs and tables. There is a little lady in a hairnet in the kitchen shredding cheese. Until recently, they didn’t even serve ground beef. If you need bright colors to feel at home in a Mexican restaurant, it does have rather vividly painted walls, though I could live without the neon green.

This is the only Mexican restaurant where I don’t order a burrito every time I go. Today I had a quesadilla with wonderful white, gooey cheese. It was so good. It’s like sending happiness wrapped in a tortilla directly to your stomach. Gorditas and sopes are also on my list of favorites. Sometimes I will even order a burrito, but I have to be really hungry when I order a burrito because they are ginormous. There is even something special about their Dr. Pepper.

They also have the best salsa. Everyone who has ever gone agrees. As I am eating it I picture the little lady in the hairnet must smushing fresh tomatoes in a mortar and pestle every morning, then adding magic to make it taste wonderful. I also like to pretend that because the salsa is made from tomatoes that I’m eating healthy. Something about dipping a deep fried tortilla chip in the salsa makes me think I might be wrong. I’m going to keep pretending anyway. Whatever it takes to make the work day a little better, right?


Anonymous said...

Last time I was at TF I did not see folding chairs so you must have discovered a new favorite Mexican food place!

Julie K. said...

That TF is in a different town! This TF is much more authentic.