Sunday, January 24, 2010

Polka Dotted Awesomeness

Yesterday I mentioned that I believe a cute apron is an integral part of decorating a cake. That might only be a rule in my own head, but it is my head that I will be bringing to the class. So today I did my very own craft project.

After waking up from a wonderful nap, I decided that today would be a good day to make an apron. I had some very cute fabric that was intended to be a skirt someday--but that never happened, so I decided it would be put to good use in an apron.

I did a Google search for "apron dimensions" and found this site. It has very good directions, and if you have a little chef at home, you can make yourselves matching aprons! So I set to work and came up with this:

I was quite proud of myself! Now I have to decide if I am actually going to show up to the class in this thing. Will I be like the college freshman who wore my very cutest "going out" outfit to class the very first day. OR will it make me the the coolest kid in school?


Kelsie said...

I just love this! You have inspired me to make one of my own this week! Of course if I had an apron this pretty, I wouldn't want to wear it to class in fear of getting icing on it.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed! You did a super job making a beautiful apron. Did you have any scraps left to make matching potholders? I just love your show-n-tell photos so blog followers can actually see things you do. Maybe you should consider mass production and sell your projects??? bkw

NeaNana said...

Great job on the polka dot apron! I have a black one that is rhinestone studded that I wear on special occasions. Makes me feel like the cooking queen.

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

How adorable! I love aprons, and I only have one. My goal is to make my own at some point, but the last one I made didn't turn out so well. Hmmm... ;)