Monday, January 4, 2010


Does it annoy you when people in front of you in the checkout like write a check or use coupons? I happened to be that person this weekend. I always check the Walgreens sale flyer for their weekly deals and often find some good bargains. This week they had a coupon for aluminum foil for 50 cents and padded envelopes on sale for 39 cents.

Generally when I’m using coupons, I try to go to the store when it is not busy. You know, so I don’t hold up the line with my thriftiness. This time I happened to go, without the intention of purchasing anything, at a fairly busy time. I couldn't pass up such good deals, so I grabbed my aluminum foil and envelopes and headed for the checkout.

There were two people in line in front of me. When the older lady at the front of the line whipped out her checkbook, I groaned internally. But, I kept my feelings to myself, as I knew that there would be people in line behind me groaning when I whipped out my coupons. The next guy was quick, so I didn't have to smell him for very long. Then it was my turn!

I handed the cashier my three items. She rang them up. The envelopes registered $1.99. Oops. I showed her the sale flyer and she voided and re-entered them. Then the aluminum foil. She rang it up. I gave her the coupon. It beeped. She scanned it again. It beeped again. Then the cashier scrutinized the coupon. It turns out that I had the wrong size aluminum foil. The coupon was only good for 20 sq. ft. I had 70 sq. ft. I hurriedly scanned the aluminum foil aisle to find that there was no 20 sq. ft. aluminum foil. No wonder I got the wrong size!

I returned to the cashier and explained that there were none in the right size, so I informed her that all I needed was the envelopes. I felt dumb. I could feel the eyes rolling behind me. I had made them wait all that time for two silly 39 cent envelopes. I felt less dumb, though, when the guy in line behind me only needed two packs of cigarettes, which cost a lot more than 39 cents.


Julie K. said...

You were just giving the guy behind you a chance to reevaluate his decision to smoke cigarettes. You were doing him a favor. He just didn't accept the chance to become a non-smoker.

Carina said...

Good point, Julie!

I've noticed many times how I'm annoyed with people who are doing exactly what I'm about to do or have done in the past. It's funny how slow time goes when we're waiting in line, and then how often we forget about it at all when it's our turn.

I certainly can't complain about thriftiness. I just bought my daughter's entire summer wardrobe for when she's six at the ETC. shop yesterday. I love it!