Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What I Did Over My MLK Day Vacation

It was not easy to get out of bed and go to work this morning after such an exhausting weekend. At 5:00 Friday morning, Julie, C, Blondie, and I hit the road for a fun filled, action packed weekend of driving. And snowboarding! But mostly driving.

It is a long drive to Wolf Creek, but their annual 465 inches of snow make up for the long trip. We typically go snowboarding over President's Day weekend in February, but it is much easier for C to get off work in January. Plus, Julie and I had Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off, so we took off an extra day and made it a four day weekend. Unfortunately, Wolf Creek hasn't received as much snowfall this year and the conditions were a bit icy while we were there, but we still made the most of it.

We spent all day Friday on the road and made it to South Fork in time to check into our cabin and pick up our rented equipment. We're always eager to get to the mountin each morning, so we like to get our stuff together the evening before our first snowboarding day. Since it is an hour earlier in Colorado than it is in Oklahoma, it is easy for us to get up and around in plenty of time to arrive at the mountain before the crowds and park next to Base Camp so we can avoid walking from distant parking lots. We hit the slopes first thing in the morning and we don't see C again until it's time for lunch.

We always park our lunch box cooler in the same spot in Base Camp, and tend to see the same folks every year. There is one man who we see there every year, whether we visit on spring break, President's Day, or MLK Day. Our President's Day friends from New Mexico, whom we've become acquainted with in over the past few years, happened to be there early this year too. It was quite a coincidence to run into them!

Blondie hadn't ever snowboarded before so he took a lesson this time. Unfortunately, the icy conditions didn't give him an accurate perspective of how fun snowboarding can be and he got a little discouraged with the learning curve. We're used to several inches of soft powder, and this year there simply wasn't any new snow.

On our second day of snowboarding, I crashed and burned (or froze) which resulted in a sore elbow and a bruised ear (and other places). It's not pretty, but it's feeling much better and I'm thankful I didn't break any bones.

Every afternoon, we stay until the lifts close and then head back to South Fork for the evening. We often have to make a pit stop at the Rainbow Grocery for last minute supplies, then we relax in the cabin and eat supper. After supper, we strategically hit the hot tub before any other sore skiers and snowboarders have a chance to invade.

On our last morning of snowboarding, it snowed a tiny bit, which made a huge impact on Blondie's enjoyment level. I was very grateful for the snow because I didn't want these lousy snowboarding conditions to permanently cloud his perspective.

As we were getting ready to leave and I was loading some things in the car, a fellow university employee pulled into the parking spot next to me! It is certainly a small world. We had decided to leave at noon so we could get home in time to catch a few Zs before the four of us had to return to work today, so we stopped for a late lunch in Alamosa. We couldn't decide where to eat, so we tried to let TomTom tell us. Unfortunately, TomTom sent us on a wild goose chase and we ended up at a questionable joint named Nino's. We suspected something was wrong with the place when it took 45 minutes for them to cook our food (yes, that was after we ordered) when three of us had ordered the lunch special. Our suspicions were confirmed when Julie and I could only find a men's restroom and upon leaving the building, we noticed a questionable character continuously peering out a tiny window at the parking lot below. Perhaps you had to be there to experience the creepiness for yourself.

The drive home was long and I woke up with a stiff neck after a brief nap in the car and I was so glad to be home! I dumped my stuff, took a quick shower, and hit the sack. 7:00 am came way too early this morning, but I guess having to go back to work makes you appreciate vacation days even more.


Carina said...

Or, maybe long and exhausting vacations help you appreciate work that much more. Glad you guys all got back safe.