Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eye-rolling Attitude

A few nights ago, C. and I went to a local restaurant with friends. I have an excessive amount of single, guy friends. This night, as with most other nights, I was the only female in a party of five. This usually results in great service. In the days before C. had a wedding ring to ruin it, waitresses often gave us free Dr. Peppers in hopes of improving their tips. This isn’t quite as common now.

I will admit that there was some confusion while we were trying to pay. We ran into some people we know, and while most of my group was chatting, I decided to pay while the lady was at the register. While I was trying to explain to the cashier what was our part of the bill (wouldn’t it be easier just to put orders on separate tickets?), we got extremely confused. Part of the confusion was my fault, but mostly it wasn’t. The entire time she rolled her eyes, tapped her fingers, and sighed to illustrate exactly how irritated she was. I managed to catch myself before I made a rude comment about how rolling her eyes wasn’t going to make this process any less confusing. I remembered that we come here often and I really enjoy eating food without spit in it.

C. finally made it to the register, and her attitude completely changed. She listened to what he had to say (he had to tell her what number he ordered, I had no idea) with patience. She calculated the bill quickly. The entire time, I was the one standing there holding the credit card! I was obviously the one leaving the tip! (or not…if we ever get her again)

It has always amazed me how men get so much better service, while I just get an attitude. Patience is part of my job; for nine hours a day I smile and act polite while people feel they have the right to use whatever obscenities they feel are appropriate for the situation. I’m really good at keeping my patience while others lose it at me. I would appreciate the same respect from other people, especially when I have done nothing to deserve a sour attitude. But do you think it would maybe be ok to tell her to quit it with the eye rolling next time? Probably not…I suppose I will be good.


Glynn said...

Well seeing as I was a wonderful gracious waitress I was nice to males and females. Men and older women were better tippers. HS & College aged people sucked at tipping (maybe because I had gone to school with them). But men do get much better service. Zach gets amazing service, and I get the eye rolling stupidity. I just have a good laugh because I am ALWAYS the tipper.

Kelsie said...

With all of the crap we have to deal with at work, you should NOT have to put up with it after 5... ESPECIALLY from some skanky hostess!

Lilibeth said...

My husband is the better tipper. That's because he doesn't like to do the math for 15 percent and he's so afraid he might not leave enough he leaves way too much. He also visits with the waitresses and-to be fair-the waiters too, usually coming up with a common interest or a common ancestor. If there is a problem with the meal or service, he is courteous and self-effacing to the point of comical. You would think we had caused the problem, not them.

However, if the establishment is marred by poor service, arrogance,and/or eye-rolling, we don't go back. It would be better if we ranted and raved and continued to patronize such places, but we don't. I wonder how many restaurants are put out of business by quiet, seemingly wimpy customers like us.