Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guitar Box

Blondie plays the guitar and has played his favorite one so much that he has worn out some of the frets. He took it to the music store where he bought it to see if they could repair it, and they said they could...if he was ok with an amateur technician grinding and hammering on his $3,000 guitar. Unsurprisingly, he was not ok with that.

It was decided that he would need to send his guitar to Taylor, the manufacturer, to be repaired. He checked with them and they told him to put his guitar in its regular guitar case and ship it via UPS ground in a Taylor guitar box. No problem. We'll just get a Taylor box from the music store, right? No. They didn't have one. We really needed a Taylor box. A box from another manufacturer just wouldn't suffice (even though the information from Taylor said another manufacturer's box would do in a pinch).

There was much hand wringing and fretting about how we would safely ship this precious guitar to the guitar spa for some much needed R&R. I took matters into my own hands and tracked down another Taylor dealer and called to see if they had a box. Voila! They did. I went and picked it up, we packed the guitar, and sent it on its way.

I told Blondie that I felt like we were packing his guitar in a guitar casket in preparation for a guitar funeral before sending it to the guitar graveyard. He was a little uncomfortable with this analogy. He preferred to think of the guitar box as a spaceship that would protect the guitar from vicious alien beams on its journey to the final frontier and back. I asked him to consider how many spaceships he knows of that made it back to earth completely and totally unharmed. Precious few. We hope that the UPS insurance protects the precious cargo if the spaceship doesn't.


Carina said...

Blondie has a very special relationship with his guitars. You'll have to ask him about it.