Wednesday, February 3, 2010

High School

A couple of weeks ago Blondie took me to my very first "school events." He is a high school teacher and his school's basketball teams were playing in a tournament. He took me to the games on Friday and Saturday and it was quite an interesting experience!

He never tells his students much about his personal life. He has an image to maintain. He likes for them to think he is a robot who eats, sleeps, and breathes math. He is by no means a normal person with a family and hobbies and a life. His lack of disclosure only makes the students more interested in his secret life as a regular person. Well, it makes the female students more interested. They all have a huge crush on him. The boys don't care one bit. Alternately, if it were a female teacher in question, all of the beans would have been spilled long ago.

At the game on Friday evening, we sat directly across the gym from the girls' bench. I thought nothing of it because we weren't close enough to the floor to be noticed. Wrong! High school girls have eagle eyes when there's good gossip to be spread. The texting frenzy began. The teacher who keeps the stats for the girls' team texted the other teacher we were sitting with to ask who I was. The girls needed to know. They were so distracted from the game that Blondie would be blamed if they lost. Thank goodness they won!

We arrived early for the Saturday afternoon game to watch Blondie's alma mater play. This time we sat on the opposite side of the gym on the front row. When his students started started to arrive, the girls congregated on one end of the gym and there was much whispering and giggling. Soon, they walked by single file and looked us over as they passed. Unfortunately, they hadn't planned their exit strategy and once they were on the other end of the gym they didn't know what to do. They eventually walked back by and eyeballed us again. One of the girls developed the nerve to come over and sit down beside us and ask him about me. Of course, he never gave her a straight answer as to my identity. Later Blondie got up to get something to drink and he stopped and talked with them on his way back. According to him, I have been cheerleader approved.

Of course, there was an intense interrogation at school on Monday, and only one student had negative things to say about me. When I was actually in high school, no one was jealous of me. Now that I'm an adult, though, all of the high school girls want to be me! It's kind of a strange feeling. I think it's pretty cute that all of the girls are so curious about Blondie's romantic interests. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.


Carina said...

Oh man! I would've paid serious money to watch Blondie trying to be nonchalant while high-schoolers ogled him. =)