Monday, February 1, 2010

Delightful Winter Weekend

I had a delightful long weekend! All last week we heard forecasts of severe weather for Thursday and Friday, so I was prepared for the nasty ice storm we experienced this weekend. It doesn’t snow much here, but we do sometimes get nasty ice storms that stall communities for days. We get precipitation that freezes to our trees and power lines, then strong winds cause them to break.

When I woke up on Thursday morning, I looked outside to find a wet driveway, but nothing serious. I thought, “no big deal. I can make it to work.” I left at my usual time, but by the time I got about halfway there, the highway was starting to ice pretty badly. By the time I reached my office, the parking lot was slippery and people were discussing the precautions they were taking. We found out that the university was closing at noon, which made me wish I hadn’t even made the trip in the first place.

My office closed its doors at about 10:00 and we headed home. The school was also closed on Friday, so I enjoyed my relaxing four-day weekend. I have had water and electricity throughout the whole event, but my Internet service did fizzle out on Thursday. Since I was not without power, I was able to do lots of chores and cooking over the weekend. A friend had brought me some tasty chili on Wednesday, which really hits the spot on a snowy day! Then I made chicken enchilada soup on Thursday and invited my neighbors to join me for dinner. I made Italian potato soup on Friday, ventured out for pizza on Saturday, and made peanut butter Ritz cracker cookies yesterday. I got all of my laundry done (just in case the power did go out) and since there was no Internet to keep me entertained, I did some cleaning too.

The life of luxury can’t last forever, though. Today I had to go back to work, which was a major disappointment. The residential streets are still icy, but the highways are clear. I am supposed to travel for work tomorrow...I'm not sure how that will turn out.