Monday, February 1, 2010

Ice Storm, Part 1: Dr. Pepper and Fritos

What a crazy, icy weekend! The weatherpeople said it was coming, so we were well-prepared. I made an emergency trip to the grocery store for Dr. Pepper and Fritos. C. can't survive a regular weekend without Dr. Pepper and Fritos, much less an icy weekend.

It was already snowing when I went to work on Thursday morning. We made a good case with our area manager, and she let us leave early so we could make it home safely before it got really icy. I was glad, because clean underwear are a necessity when you are at risk of losing electricity, and I badly needed to do laundry.

I was a good little housewife for a day and washed all of the dirty laundry in the house. I did NOT want to end up at a laundromat. I’m not sure which would be worse, trying to get to a laundromat on the ice, or wearing dirty underwear. And you sure can’t wear dirty underwear to the Laundromat, ya know, in case you have a wreck and the paramedics have to see your dirty underwear.

After all my stress about having to wear dirty underwear, we never completely lost electricity. I was worried a little on Saturday afternoon. It went out at 1:30 and I sat in the cold, boring house all afternoon. I had left my book at work in my rush to get out the door, and I have a strict policy against starting a new book while I am in the middle of another one. It turned out that an oilfield truck had gotten stuck, and his rescuer truck slid off the road into an electric pole. Stupid oilfield. The electricity eventually came back that night, at the expense of the other poor people who had been without it for days for valid reasons, not some moron who slid off the road.

So apparently in my house, you need three things to survive an ice storm: Fritos, Dr. Pepper, and clean underwear. What does your household need?


Anonymous said...

Diet Mt. Dew and Milk are the key survival needs at our house. The first for me and the second for the hubby! In addition, it is a good idea to make sure there are lots of things for the hubby to cook and keep him entertained! He loves to cook and I love to eat...what a pair. He prepared buttermilk pancakes from scratch and then added blueberries to them! Regular pancakes make me ill, but he found a recipe to make that I am able to enjoy. Also during our ice-o-lation he made brown beans and cornbread, sausage balls, fried cabbage, and sirloin steaks with carmelized bell pepper and onions. Lucky me!!!

Kelsie said...

I too need Dr. Pepper! And there always must be at least one tombstone frozen pizza. I love that stuff!!! Also better have plenty of dog food for Titus, and at least 1 dvd series to sit and watch all day long!

And on behalf of everyone at work, thank you for cleaning your underwear!