Monday, February 1, 2010

Ice Storm, Part 2: Ice/Icing

Sunday was also a rather exciting day. Our water started running very slowly Saturday night. We decided it might be a good plan to fill containers with water. This could be the end of running water. We were right. When I tried to turn on the faucet Sunday morning, nothing happened. Luckily we were prepared!

However, I was not prepared for making cake and icing for my cake decorating class. At 5:00 I decided that running water would not be coming back that day and I would have to do my best to make cake and icing with what I had sitting in pots and pitchers. I started with icing. It was a powdery mess. It would have been a powdery mess with or without running water. My bowl was too small, and my patience was already running low. I eventually finished with great pride; it actually tasted RIGHT! I don’t like white icing, it is gross, but it was RIGHT!

With great satisfaction, I scooped my icing into a Ziploc bag and put it in the refrigerator. The next challenge was to clean the icing mess off my bowl, spatula, and beaters (ya know, the mixer attachment things). The spatula was fairly easy, the beaters weren’t quite as bad as I expected (although I ended up killing at least three trees with all the paper towels I used), and the bowl was just gross. The cake mess wasn’t as bad as the icing mess, because you HAVE to lick the bowl and the beater. Yellow cake batter is yummy. So with great pride and lots of frustration, I made cake and icing without running water. I learned that dipping a paper towel in a pot of water is not an effective cleaning method. But I did it!

This morning I skated across my driveway to load my cake and icing into my car (I go to the class right after work, it would be quite a detour to go home first). We were discussing whether or not we will still have class tonight. After checking their website, we discovered that the technology center that is hosting the class is closed today. But I made cake and icing with no running water! I worked so hard! I DESERVE to ice my cake. We really wanted to play with our icing without instructions. However we also figured out that one batch of icing costs about $10 to make and I’m not wasting it! I suppose I can save it until next week.


Kelsie said...

Listen to us!!! We haven't even started our class and we are already complaining.... Hopefully next weekend the weather and water pressure will return to normal and we will be in love with our class again