Thursday, February 25, 2010


We have two adorable kitties that have beat the odds and survived on the farm since October. I routinely feed them as soon as I get home from work—if I did it later, they would starve because I would forget. Yesterday I went out to their little pen with my cupful of cat food and this is what I found:

We have a calf! Its mama had twins, and I suppose this was the runty one. He is awfully cute. He is a good calf. I'm sure he will outgrow his kitty pen very soon, but this works for now. I told C. that I want to name him Kitty, since I found him in the kitty pen. Craig thinks that is a bad name since he is a boy. He pointed out that we don’t call Lucy a horse since she is a dog. I told him I would have named her Horsey if she lived in a stable. If he comes up with a better name, he can use it. I’m calling him Kitty.

We made a deal that C. will feed Kitty in the mornings, and I will feed him after work. This will be fun for about the first week, maybe not even that long. I’m pretty sure I’m going to really dislike Kitty a few weeks from now.


Kelsie said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I LOVE Kitty! I miss having a pet cow. Of course eventually they become less like pets and more like dinner... but it does make me miss my Bob! :(

Brenda said...

You need to get a tarp to cover that pen before this next series of snow storms hit!!! OR you could do what I use to do....get a large refrigerator box to put the calf in and take it in the house! When I was young I raised a tiny Angus calf in my bedroom in an appliance box for weeks. Also had other calves, a sheep and of course over the years lots of baby pigs. Such fun! My little black bull was Bullet and grew up to be the pride of the herd.