Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top Ten

It snowed again last night. Most of the time I don't mind cold weather. I am one of the few people over the age of 16 who actually likes snow. But this is getting a bit ridiculous. It has been cold in Oklahoma forEVER. It is cold and windy and miserable. It looks like it will stay that way. We have all been whining (you know you're guilty of it too). We are not used to this. But I have decided to get over my crankiness and find the good in the cold weather. Or at least winter in general.

1. Snowboarding is super fun, and you can only go when it is snowing!
2. There is a possibility I will still have the chance to build a snowman this winter. Snowmen are festive!
3. My dad built a super awesome sled for us when we were little. He pulled us behind a four-wheeler. It was awesome. It is still awesome. It will always be awesome.
4. I love wearing sweatshirts. They are cozy.
5. I also love sitting on the couch, wrapped in my Mickey Mouse blanket. It is even cozier than a sweatshirt. It feels like constant cuddles. Which brings me to…
6. Cuddles. They are better when it’s cold. Sweaty cuddling is gross.
7. Winter Olympics. I love me some Shaun White.
8. I get to wear my Ariat Fatbaby boots. I love stomping through the snow in my boots. I mostly just enjoy saying Fatbaby.
9. It gets dark early. C comes home when it gets dark. In the summer it doesn’t get dark until LATE. In the winter he is home more often.
10. I can get groceries at lunch and leave them in the car because it is better than a refrigerator out there!

Do you have anything to add to the list?


Brenda said...

Enjoy it while you can Daylight Saving time begins again on March 14!!!

Carina said...

Amen to most all of your list. I would also that snow is beautiful. Not the slushy, cold, muddy aftermath, but the newfall.

Oh, and snow ice cream!! It's the best!

Kelsie said...

10 is great!However, when I leave things in the car its usually by accident. It's nice to know that once I finally remember something has been left in the car it isn't ruined!