Thursday, February 18, 2010


Last weekend, between the flowers and the necklace, Blondie and I watched some more basketball, which turned out to be an adventure. We had to travel to a nearby town for the games. Such a short drive is usually not notable, but this time we took a "shortcut" through the country.

We ate a quick dinner and left my house just before dark on Friday evening, so we were traveling on unfamiliar roads at dusk. On our way there, we encountered the standard narrow bridges, unmarked curves, loose gravel, and plethora of wildlife found on most country roads.

I was in charge of deciphering the map, drawn by Blondie's dad on a bank envelope. I'm pretty sure it was not to scale. I was also in charge of warning Blondie of any impending doom, like potholes, sharp turns, loose gravel, and deer. My methods are questionable. I tend to not use words when startled. Instead, I say things like, "uh, uuh, UUUH!" Which means, "look out! Deer ahead!"

We first met a herd of deer, minding their own business along the side of the road...and some frolicking across it. Then, we ran across (literally) a bunny rabbit that was in a hurry to get somewhere. We also saw a collection of dead coyotes hung on fence posts. Apparently farmers do this to scare other coyotes away.

On the way home from the game we almost had an unfortunate encounter with a skunk, but fortunately we missed him. However, we did not miss his smell. We had just passed slowpoke when the skunk waddled out in front of us. We managed to avoid actually running over him, but I'm pretty sure the driver behind us got him.

We almost hit another bunny rabbit, but missed him by a hare (I crack myself up).

There's really nothing unusual about seeing one or two wild animals on country roads in our area, but it's rare to have so many encounters in one 40 mile round trip. One herd of deer, two rabbits, a skunk, and a collection of dead coyotes is enough to drive a girl batty. Especially when combined with unfamiliar roads after dark.

I asked Blondie to please choose roads with lines and signs next time.


anewphelps said...

I know exactly which road was drawn on the back of the bank envelope :)

Im glad you didnt hit anything bigger than a bunny!

Carina said...

I have to say, if I were a coyote, I would stay very far away from a place that had my dead compatriots hanging on the fence posts.

Glad you and Blondie survived your trip.