Monday, March 22, 2010

Curtain Solution!

This is the post where I will reveal my curtain creating handiwork. This started out as a simple project, wherein I would replace my tired old curtains with some spiffy new curtains in one afternoon and proudly tell everyone how easy it was and how good it looks. Well...that obviously didn't happen.

Let's take a look at the old curtains:

At this point, they're not looking so bad. There was nothing technically wrong with them. They look fine. They cover the windows. The color goes with the rest of my decor. Their main downfall was that they had been washed many times and the sheers behind them were starting to unravel. No problem. I just darned them right up and re-hung them. However, I knew that trick was only going to work a limited number of times. I knew it was only a matter of time before there was nothing left to mend. Which is why I bought this fabric:

It's pretty, isn't it? It was on sale at for $1.95 per yard. I thought it looked like it would make good curtains and the price was right. If I screwed it up, it wasn't a major investment, right? Well. That's a good thing, because I certainly did screw it up. I needed quite a bit of fabric to dress all of my windows, so it came on a bolt. I needed extra long pieces of fabric for my living room curtain panels, so it was impossible to wash the fabric before cutting it, so I risked it. I cut 90" pieces, expecting some shrinkage. However, I didn't predict a 10% loss! No worries. I just found some coordinating fabric and did this:

I actually purchased the brown fabric, in person, at a fabric store. I told the fabric lady about my plans, and explained that I was getting extra just in case of shrinkage to avoid re-creating the problem I was trying to fix. When I told her I was going to wash it before sewing, she looked at me like I had just yelled "Bomb!" in an airport. Apparently you're not supposed to wash acetate. Who knew? I didn't. Anyway, it didn't matter, because the acetate washed just fine. No shrinkage at all.

I was so impressed with myself on the sewing. I even pressed my seams open and used brown thread to hem the brown section and tan thread for the rest. Here is the finished product:

How do you like my curtain rod? Blondie hung that for me. It was a major hassle. If you ever hang a substantial curtain rod that has to support heavy drapes, don't use the screws that come with the rod. Use good screws. On the first bracket, we thought we could just screw directly into the sheetrock. Nope. It wiggled and wobbled like we had just stuck it up there with scotch tape. We resorted to using the plastic anchor thingys that come with everything you hang on the wall. That seemed to do the trick. We also found that we couldn't drill straight into the wall. The loop that holds the rod was in the way. Thus, we had to drill at an angle, which offended Blondie's mathematical sensibilities. It took all afternoon to get that curtain rod hung. I have decided that these are my favorite curtains of all time and I don't ever want to replace them. EVER.

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Denise said...

You did a great job, I love the trim on the bottom, really sets them off. My hubby never uses the screws that come with the stuff and I often wondered why, but now I know!

Brenda said...

Love the curtains! You did an awesome job!

Kelsie said...

You did an AMAZING job! It all looks so professional. The fabric is so pretty, and I love the curtain rod! Great job!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Beautiful! Love how these turned are very talented!
P.S. Stop back by and link this great project to MM...I think you accidentially linked to TT...don't want anyone to miss this great project!

anewphelps said...

Your curtains are pretty fantastic. I think you did an awesome job!

Peggy said...

Hi, I'm a new lame follower! Did you buy up all that fabric b/c I LOVE it! I NEED it! Please tell me you didn't buy it all...can you tell me what the name of it is?? :)

Tales from the Crib said...

very pretty!

thedomesticfringe said...

I LOVE your curtains!!! You did an amazing job and it really updates your room. I'm going to need to check out, because that's an amazing price per yard. I think the brown trim on the bottom really finishes it off. It probably came out better because of the shrinkage, although the hassle stinks for you.

My husband will not ever use the screws that come with my rods. He hates those little things. :-)