Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dinner and a Movie

Blondie and I had a pretty lame adventure on Thursday. We wanted to make the most of spring break week, so we went out on a school night! Julie's Taco Factory post had made me jealous and hungry for Taco Factory, so Blondie and I went there for supper.

It felt silly to drive all that way just for a fast-food dinner, but it was worth it. I love Taco Factory's nachos and queso. I even had some chips and queso left over for lunch the next day. I am not quite sure what the best thing is at Taco Factory: their queso or their Dr. Pepper. They're both pretty good.

After eating at Taco Factory, I had a surprise for Blondie. Last time I was in town, I noticed that their Movie Gallery was going out of business. All of their movies were 3 for $10, so Blondie picked out three. He got one western for his dad, one Academy Award winner for us, and one documentary for himself. We also made a long list of other movies we wanted to see, but not buy. Netflix, here we come!

I'm a big fan of movie rentals and book borrowing. It cuts down on clutter, and I rarely want to see/read something more than once anyway. Blondie, on the other hand, likes to own his media. He has boxes and boxes of books and quite a few DVDs as well.