Thursday, March 4, 2010


How do you feel about pants with drawstrings? I am not a fan. I have found the drawstrings to be mostly annoying and rarely useful.

These are my favorite relaxy pants. They feel like a very thick t-shirt. They're not flimsy or overly stretchy. They feel durable, while still being soft and comfortable. My only problem is the thick drawstring. It's bulky. If I tie the drawstring in a bow and wear a shirt that is any more fitted than a regular old t-shirt, there's a weird looking bulge right below my belly button. No thanks. If I tie the drawstring in a knot to avoid the unsightly bow-bulge, the strings are too long and hang down between my legs. Not a desirable alternative.

You might ask why I care what it looks like since I normally only wear these pants when I'm just hanging out at home where no one sees me. The answer: I don't know. It's just annoying.

My favorite pair of athletic shorts has a completely different drawstring related problem. They had a drawstring on the inside, which was a little better, but still unnecessary. About the second time I washed these shorts, the drawstring got caught in the dryer door and the tumbling action of the dryer twisted the drawstring so much that the end broke off. This was an excellent opportunity to just remove it altogether.

Another question: do the two empty drawstring holes look any better than lumpy drawstring bows? Probably not. But they bother me less.

That's what I usually end up doing with drawstrings. Almost every pair of pants that has a drawstring also has an elastic waistband. I think the back up plan is overkill. I am the rebel shopper who brings home new pants and immediately removes the drawstring. I choose to live dangerously, relying only on the power of elastic to hold my pants up.


Carina said...

My solution is definitely just to remove the offending drawstring. You will almost always be wearing a shirt long enough to cover the holes anyway, and then there is no unsightly bulge. =)

Brenda said...

Grab one of your drawstrings, a pillowcase,large safety pin and a pair of sissors. Snip a couple little slits in the hemmed (open) end of the pillow case. Attach the safety pin to your drawstring and thread it though the pillowcase. OK so I am dorky, but it makes a great laundry bag to put in your suitcase when traveling.