Monday, March 29, 2010

Funky Shoe Parade

First in the lineup of our funky shoe parade are Julie's Naughty Monkey heels. They are her funkiest shoes. She doesn't look like a funky shoes kind of girl in her everyday life, but she loves these shoes very much. One thing that gives her confidence is feeling tall. At 5'6", she is already two inches taller than the national average, but these give her nearly four more inches. These shoes make her feel tall and bold. They are her favorite!

Next are my Adidas running shoes. When I bought these, Julie told me they looked like clown shoes. I didn't mind. They were the most comfortable sneakers I could find. They're lightweight and cushion-y and don't hurt my feet at all. That's rare. I'm not crazy abour the hot pink/electric blue/gray color combination, but when comfort is at stake, style is the least of my worries.

Here we have Carina's Vibram Five Fingers shoes. I think these win the prize for the funkiest of all. These shoes are like gloves for your feet, with individual chambers for each toe. Someone told Carina that these shoes look like monkey feet, which kind of stuck, and that's what I call them now.

Carina bought these sandals for Vacation Bible School one summer when she was supposed to dress like a Roman. They turned out to be fairly comfortable, though, and now she keeps them behind her drum set at church and slips off her heels and puts these on to make playing more comfortable.

Finally, here are Nikki's floral clogs. She says they are definitely a conversation starter! She and I attended the same conference recently and these shoes are the first thing I noticed about her outfit. I think they're pretty cute, they look pretty comfortable, and they go with everything!


Kelsie said...

Makes me want to go out and buy funky shoes for myself!