Thursday, March 11, 2010

Magical Scissors

I just got home from getting my hair trimmed. My hair stylist is better than yours. Well, maybe not, but she is awesome. She actually listens to what I say, and cuts it the way I want it. She understands that I am low maintenance, and doesn’t give me more layers than my little 10-minute hair routine can handle. However I know she is capable of doing cute, fluffy hair, because hers is adorable. And she does all of this for a very reasonable price. If anyone around here is in need of a good hair stylist, let me know, because I have an excellent recommendation for you!

I love haircuts. I’m not sure why they are so fun. I enjoy sitting in the chair while someone plays with my hair. And this girl is excellent at the girl-talk that is required of all hair stylists. A good haircut can make you feel like you’re about ten times hotter than reality, and we all need that little confidence boost sometimes! I suppose getting a haircut is like hanging out with friends, except I don’t think I would trust any of my friends to take a pair of scissors to my head. Or maybe there is something magic about hair cutting scissors that makes you feel pretty and confident. Whatever it is, I enjoyed it today!


Glynn said...

I bet your hair looks awesome! Yay for good hair stylists!

Kelsie said...

You're entry made me hope to one day find a pair of magical scissors!