Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pancake Cake

One of the ladies at work pointed out that I forgot to show off my cake last week. She is super encouraging of Kelsie and me in this class. Everyone at work is. But we both know it’s only because we bring our cakes to work after we are finished and they get to sample them. At this point, I think they are sick of cake.

Last week, we learned how to make a basket weave. This technique made me feel extremely stupid. I just could not figure it. I finally just decided to do it the way I thought looked good. It seemed to work. We made cute little Easter basket cakes. Kelsie and I were kind of disappointed with it. We both thought we were going to do the basket weave around the edges, make some kind of handle, then fill our “baskets” with candy. We didn’t know they were going to be flat. Our idea was much cuter. My next Easter basket cake will be 3-D.

This week we got to come up with our own creation. C. is a volunteer on the local fire department. They do a pancake supper every year. I had to miss it this year because of my cake decorating class, so I decided to make him a pancake cake to make up for it. I’m pretty proud of it! I think it turned out to be really cute. I was extremely skeptical at first. It looked awful when I started, but it eventually came together. I have new ideas for next time I try this one, like I definitely need to mix more “bacon” icing. I was really stretching it just to get those three little pieces.

Next week we are learning about fondant. I’m really excited about that. We will be able to make such cute shapes once we know how to use it!


Kelsie said...

I was so ashamed of my basket cake that I disposed of it and NEVER took any pictures! And I still love your pancake cake!

Brenda said...

You young ladies expect too much too fast...when you get old like me you will know that it takes time to learn! Both of our office cake decorators are doing EXCELLENT and remember this is a beginners class. The cakes are just AWESOME for beginners!!! Oh my goodness....they taste wonderful too. We are loving this cake decorating!!!