Friday, April 23, 2010

Bucket of Balls

It's very obvious from looking at our blog that I am taking a cake decorating class. But this isn't the first class I have taken at the technology center. Last Summer I took a golf class. I enjoyed that class much more than the cake class. I felt like I was actually improving in that one. Maybe it is a falst sense of confidence, since I have never played a full 18 holes of golf, but it looks like I might get to this weekend! (might, if the weather cooperates)

My cousin asked me to play on his team in their church's golf tournament (it turns out he TRICKED me! The tournament is actually for my former high school's rival from across town, his church just happens to be helping with it). I asked if it mattered that I will be absolutely worthless to his team, and he said no. So I'm in! I have my spiffy set of golf clubs and am ready to go. I have even been practicing in the yard...and I didn't even tear up the grass very bad!

There is one particular field where C. drives the tractor that someone uses as their driving range. Sometimes if he is in a good mood, he will get out and gather all the balls he sees laying around. A few days ago he came home with a five-gallon bucket filled with treasures! I will never have to buy another golf ball again in my life!

Now I just have to make it through the golf tournament. Wish me luck! This could be interesting!
P.S. My cousin didn't actually trick me into being in the tournament. He really thought it was his church's tournament. And the rival school across town is really a great school. That's where C. graduated. It's also where a lot of my good friends went to school. It's just in the unofficial high school code that you have to be rivals if there are two schools in one town.


Kelsie said...

I LOVE your first picture. I don't know why, it really appeals to me! It looks very professional!

Brenda said...

TRUE LOVE IS WHEN...your husband takes time out of his busy day to pick up and bring you a bucket of golf balls!
I think that is lots better than a bouquet of flowers!