Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celebration Weekend

This was a very exciting weekend! I attended a total of four parties in a matter of four days.

On Saturday morning I attended a wedding shower for my adorable cousin who is getting married this summer. She received a mountain of useful kitchen gadgets and home decor items! After the shower several of the girls got together for lunch at an excellent Italian restaurant and then we all congregated at my cousin's house for her personal shower. Julie is a very clever hostess. She found the perfect fluffy, pink feather boa for the bride to wear while opening her very tasteful shower gifts.

After the pre-wedding festivities on Saturday I attended the prom at Blondie's school! He is a junior class sponsor this year, so he has been helping prepare for this event for weeks. They had decorated the cafeteria like a '50s diner and all of the female servers wore poodle skirts, while the male servers wore white t-shirts and rolled up jeans. It was pretty cute. He (reluctantly) invited me on the very last possible day before the deadline. He (reluctantly) allowed his photo to be taken and he (reluctantly) danced with me one time. One of his students sneakily dedicated a song to us, so we really couldn't avoid the dance. I was pretty embarrassed, but it was kind of funny.

On Sunday we had a surprise party at church for my friend who just completed her ordination classes. If all goes well, she will be ordained in June, but I thought she deserved immediate special recognition for her achievement. She does a lot for our church: she is the pastor's wife (which brings many unrecognized duties), she is raising two energetic boys, she is the Sunday School superintendent and teaches children's church and often supervises the nursery during sunday school. In addition to all of those things, she has been taking classes to become an ordained minister, which I think is quite an accomplishment! We had a surprise reception in her honor on Sunday. I think she was truly surprised, and maybe a little overwhelmed with the recognition, but she deserved it! Julie made a fancy cake with chocolate covered strawberries and a couple of my Sunday School classmates pitched in and brought some tasty snacks for the party.


Brenda said...

Social butterflies! Love the photo of you at the prom. And the cake Julie made is just awesome!! Julie is such a creative and talented person.