Thursday, April 8, 2010

Curtain Sewing Tip

Remember my curtain project? I am finally finished!

For the dining room and kitchen valances, I had to figure out how to sew several inches from the edge of my fabric. Now, some seamstresses (real seamstresses) may be able to eyeball it, but I knew if I tried to freehand, I would end up with extremely crooked, zigzaggy, messed up seams. I could have whipped out my trusty yardstick and drawn lines where I wanted to sew, but I hated to deface my lovely curtains that way. I decided to deface my sewing machine instead!

You know how the sewing machine has those little numbered lines every eighth of an inch marked on the throat plate? I just decided to extend those measurements. I used my ruler to measure three additional inches and marked each quarter of an inch with a dot and each inch with a dash. It’s my homestyle edition of Morse code.

Using these guidelines, I was able to sew straight seams without having to write on my fabric. And the dots and dashes will always be there, so I’ll never have to mark up my fabric again! It works for me.

Now. I need someone to give me some other ideas that will work. Do you see that big blank spot on the wall? What should I put there? My wall looks kind of naked and I think it probably feels a little uncomfortable about that. Any ideas?


Carina said...

Definitely a large, beautiful landscape painting. Now to find one of the great master works at a garage sale.

Very clever with your little sewing machine marks!

Tara said...

I saw take an art class at the college and make something awesome.

BLJ Graves Studio said...

How smart are you to think of making the marks on your sewing machine. I may have to give that a try myself. :-)